Most durable LV material for a male bag?

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  1. Hey, I'm a first time poster, although I've been reading for a while. I would really appreciate some help!

    I'm trying to figure out what bag I should buy and from what material. Mostly I'm going to use it to carry a water bottle and lunch to work. Occasionally I'll be carrying a mid-size laptop. I'm a guy, and I'd prefer the material not to be flashy, so monogram is out of question, though Damier would be okay or some leather.

    Here's the most important aspect of the bag I'd like to buy: it should last as long as possible.

    I've been using the same Carhartt backpack I bought for like $40 since I was 15, and I'm almost 30 now. Needless to say, it's showing the signs of age, and even though I'm emotionally attached to it (it's been with me everywhere), I realize I'm going to need to replace it some time in the future.

    I also have a Louis Vuitton Bongo backpack (discontinued now) -- it's about 10 years old. It's doing well -- I just realized that I need a briefcase or a messenger, because they're a bit easier to carry in public transport or car.

    My budget is up to $2,500. I was thinking of Roman MM -- is it any good?

    I read on this forum that Epi and Taiga leathers are very durable, with Taiga being slightly more durable. Some people say Taiga looks boring -- I don't care, I just want my bag to last forever. I also have a Taiga card holder, and I quite like it. Not sure whether I can trust canvas and whether it's as durable as leather. I heard it needs to be re-glazed once in a while before it's too late?

    Any pointers will be greatly appreciated!
  2. Bags in Taïga leather tend to develop bad corner wear in my experience. Epi is more durable. If you want something that can last 15 years, I suggest a bag in canvas (whichever you like best) with leather corners or leather pipping because they can be replaced as needed and the bag will look like new again.
  3. The most durable men's stuff were the FW18 pieces made out of titanium :smile:
    Anyway. I second @fabuleux, Taïga is actually less durable than Épi. A little softer, shows wear more easily. Not to mention they recently replaced the classic colours (Ardoise, Glacier...) with these bland ones. The Roman seems to be only available in black and that cliché navy blue.
    For an Épi bag, I would recommend the Porte Document Jour or the small Dandy (both are around 2.500 $). But again, the fabulous @fabuleux is right again, the canvas pieces are the best, if durability is a priority.
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  4. Have a look into Porte-Documents Voyage PM. It comes in Damier Ebene and Damier Graphite.
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  5. I have Porte-Documents Voyage in DG and after years of using it without zero babying, I can honestly say that it looks and feels new.

    The whole “you need to maintain it” thing re: canvas or vachetta etc is a matter of preference, too. When the time comes that my PD gets scratches or looks worn, I’m not going to care - I like a lived-in bag. Being durable and looking brand new are different things, I think. Just my two cents.
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  6. Wow that’s so weird because we also looked at the LV Roman MM last night. DH really likes the slim silhouette and the leather strap. He also wants flap instead of top zipper for easier access. Overall we think it’s an understated beauty. I can’t comment on the durability but for now he’s enjoying it.

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  7. Everyone -- thank you for your replies!

    Guess I should go for Porte-Documents Voyage in Damier Graphite. It has a strap and handles, which is handy; Roman doesn't have handles but has a flap, which I guess would better protect the contents from rain.

    General questions about Porte-Documents Voyage:
    1) How well do the zippers hold up? That's probably my only concern about the bag.
    2) Can it handle light rain?
    3) The PM is 6 cm (2.35 inch) wide -- will I be able to put slightly larger items, such as 8 cm (3.15 inch) wide bottle?
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  8. I think you be fine with carrying an water bottle inside.
    Zipper and hardware are excellent with silver hardware. However the gold hardware tarnish a bit from oxidation.
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  9. 1) zippers have held up wonderfully for me, still very smooth and shiny
    2) it’s handled serious rain with me - I lived in Norway soooo no choice but have some rain
    3) eh, you could force a bottle in there, I’ve definitely put wider things for a short period of time, but it distorts it and doesn’t look good.
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  10. Thanks to both of you -- appreciate the pointers!
  11. Don't buy Taïga. :smile:
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  12. Not going to -- instead I'd go for Damier Graphite, most likely :smile: Hard to believe canvas is more durable than leather but I believe you guys!
  13. Hi, OP. If you haven't had an LV canvas bag, you're in for a treat. It is an absolute workhorse! It would say canvas is one step short of indestructible.....with minimal maintenance, you should enjoy it for MANY years to come!
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  14. Could always look at the carbon fiber line made by LV.
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  15. Does Damier Geant Canvas count? Haven't had Monogram or Damier Graphite other than cuff links holder :smile:

    A bit too expensive for me although good to know they exist :smile: