most durable bag?

  1. I'm interested in hearing about bags that last a long time, bags that can take a beating and still look great. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. my mom bought a Gucci tote 20 years ago as a diaper bag for me as a baby, and now its been passed onto me and I use it as a tote for school now! its vintage, from the 80's, blue leather straps with dark blue GG logo and gray background. the gold hardware has faded just a tad but the bag itself is in great condition.
  3. LV monogram of course! my grandma has LV's that she bought about 10-20 years ago and they look great! I have a bag that is in Damier and its amazing because then you don't have to worry about the dirt on the vachetta
  4. ^yea, I've been using mostly LV lately...I just haven't been able to find a bag with similar quality!
  5. lv monogram and chanel classic.
    seen some as ols as 30 yrs ago and it still looks good
  6. I don't currently own any, but I think that Coach bags can take quite a beating and still look great. Their leather is pretty durable.
  7. The only bag I have ever had that is truely durable would be Coach...which seems wierd, but the bag kept good structure and never deteriorated.
    Of course, LV is too, but totally different price point.
    My Fendi bag is a piece of ****, I feel like I'm going to rip it everytime.
  8. LV Speedy from the 80' can take heavy rain, snow, being folded up to fit into a small space...virtually anything...and it never looks bad, just has more "character".
  9. LV monogram canvas.
  10. Tano and Coach
  11. I vote for Coach. I have a leather Coach I used as an everyday bag for almost 4 years in all kinds of weather and it still looks great.
  12. I think I agree with LV, actually. I have some of my Mom's from the 80's and the only part that doesn't look perfect is the leather straps because she never sprayed them and stored them horribly. The monogram part looks fantastic, still.
  13. Coach legacy leather :yes:

    My mom gave me a Patricia's Legacy bag that she used for years and got sick of. I used it as a messenger bag throughout college (crammed books in it, wore it in the rain and snow, threw it on the floor, etc). The bag has some slight wear around the edges, but it still looks great. I still use it occasionally use it and no one would ever guess that it's 10+ years old!!!
  14. My first Coach has been to hell and back over the past 15 years, and it still looks brand new!