Most disliked vuitton line

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which is you least fav?

  1. Monogram Canvas

  2. Damier Canvas

  3. Monogram Multicolore

  4. Epi

  5. Mini Monogram

  6. Vernis/Mat (even though they are slightly different)

  7. Monogram Denim

  8. Suhali

  9. Antigua

  10. other

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. of the most popular ones:
  2. What's the difference between monogram denim and denim?
  3. sorry typo lol!!!! lets replace the Denim with other!! sorry guys
  4. i just looked again and i already have an other just disregard itlol
  5. well you could replace it with mini monogram
  6. well so far mono denim is in the lead :smile:
  7. oh good thinking...although I adore that line LOL
  8. yeah good idea i was thinking damier geant but mini is more popular so its a better option !!!!!Damier = monogram mini!!!!!
  9. I just can't bring myself to liking Multicolor...:sad2:
  10. its ok we shall respect your decision duna, im a guy so i can wear any multicolore anyway
  11. i hate the monogram canvas. i can't help it.
  12. Trianon, so useless !
  13. I would have to say Vernis/Mat. Not my thing.:sad2:
  14. I would have to say damier ,, have never been fond of it
  15. See, I like Vernis, but don't care for Mat. The Mat is very stiff, while Vernis is shinier and more supple IMHO. I would have to say that the Taiga line is my least favorite.
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