Most difficult time deciding: LV or Goyard

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  1. Hello!

    I’ve been researching and posting recently to get help in choosing a practical non leather black bag (with gold hardware or one that matches gold jewelry).

    Most important to me, esthetics and durability.

    My choices:

    Louis Vuitton black denim neo cabby GM


    Goyard St Louis PM in black.

    Does anyone else think that the goyard has cool undertones because of the white chevron and might look best with silver jewelry?

    Thanks in advance!

    4E4EE333-5926-4728-A143-9F7957E9AA36.png D7C2B5A8-6B43-4424-956A-9CC183B8354A.jpeg
  2. Have heard the Goyard shows wear so quickly after hardly any use
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  3. Just between these two,Goyard PM is better for durability. If you want a zipper bag, LV is better.
    I recently purchased a Goyard for travelling, it's so light to carry around.
    Black always goes better with gold, I think.
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  4. I have the Goyard black/black in both the pm and GM and no regrets at all.
    I love that Goyard is more understated, simple, and classic
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