Most copied LV bags

  1. Hi,

    I was wondering do all LV bags have replicas or are some styles have more than others?

    What fakes have you seen most of?

    I just want to know so i can buy those at the store and not be fooled on eBay.

    My wish list is long, bank account is short. I would really hate to get a great LV fake! :yucky:

    Thanks everyone!:tender:
  2. I think I remember reading that there are more fakes in Cherry Blossom than any other pattern ... but what I actually see out there is more fake multicolore than anything else. (Maybe because it's easier to spot fake multicolore?)

    Don't worry about buying a fake on eBay ... if you find one you like, just go to the Authenticate thread at the top of the forum, and put in a link to the listing. The amazing people who authenticate bags on TPF can pick a fake at 100 paces with their hands tied behind their backs (I'm pretty sure about that). ;)
  3. The LV bags that I have seen mostly faked:

    -Speedy [Mono and MC]
    -Cabas Piano
    -Porte Tresor Wallet
    -Pochettes [MC and Mono]

    If you have a question on the authenticity of an item, feel free to post it in the authentication sticky like PinkCupcake stated. We'll be more than happy to look at it for you! ;)
  4. The most I've seen faked are Mono speedy and Cabas Piano.
  5. bucket, pochette
  6. Speedy, bucket, cabas piano, pochette....hell, I've seen them all. It doesn't bother me though....still love LV!
  7. mono speedy is everywhere...:cursing:
  8. I see a lot of fake MC in white
  9. speedies, papillon, also mostly mono and mc stuff...

    one time a friend of mine gave me a very fake mc pochette and was so proud that she got me an LV... ugh... :yucky::sick:
  10. Monogram and mulicolor lines.
  11. Has anyone seen any or many fake Damier or azur?
  12. I've seen mostly monogram speedy, alma and mono PTI wallet
  13. yep, i saw lots of damier and azur fake pieces being sold. as they say, the fakers have almost everything!!! and one time i talked to them, they even have what they call "high grade replicas", triple AAA class or something like that :wtf:
  14. I have already seen a fake mirage! And a fake berkley! They are ALL faked!
  15. I just passed fake markets here ( this market also sell for clothing etc ). I saw they've NO:

    - charm chain sac fermoir
    - trianon neverfull
    - charm scarf linda
    - mini mono camille
    - Mc arabelia
    - trompe l'oeil
    - charm chain musette
    - glace valisette
    - mat shelton, willwood, malden
    - tweedy zip
    - MC eye love you, eye dare you
    - suhali l'extravagant
    - ooh I'm going crazy want these bags if I list it one by one :lol:

    It's horrible, they've so closer Vernis Amarante Sunset, Damier Ribera Mini, Panda & Cerises Pouchette