Most Compliments on my Older Bags....hmmm

  1. I decided to give my Legacy a break and use my Old Coach Court Bag and an older wallet......Well I got more compliments in one day on this bag than I have the 3 months I have used my Legacy....Is it because alot of ladies are not using the older coach leather?? I just found it funny that they noticed it.

  2. :yahoo: Always good to get compliments though!!

    I don't know exactly which bag the Court is... but if its a cute bag, its a cute bag no matter when it was purchased!!

    I think right now people might think in their head "Oh, I like that Legacy bag", but not actually say it outloud.. I have no reasoning why!! I just know I have done that a few times!! However, if I see a truely unique bag, or a bag that stuns me - I will definately pipe up and say something...
  3. Wow! That's pretty cool, really! I've heard a lot of comments though on the older Coach leather and how a lot of gals wish they'd go back to that. I don't have any older bags so couldn't compare them myself. It's nice to know though that they have such longevity!
  4. Coach is still selling the "classic" bags. I love them personally and have the Janice Legacy and City bags. Here's what the Court bag looks like.

    Coach - COURT BAG
  5. That is a beautiful bag!! I know what you mean though the bag you wouldn't expect to get compliments on always gets complimented, and the one you think would hardly does.
  6. When I first got into Coach that is the only type of bags they sold. They did not sell Signature back then. I have a few and they look almost just as good now as the day I bought them.

    Speaking of Signature does anyone know when they introduced it?
  7. I know what you mean re: older Coach bags.i have the station bag...and it is still gorgeous!!! I get lots of compliments too....IMO those classic bags never have, and never will go out of style!!
  8. Doesn't that make us sound old??:wtf: The classics were the only bags I can remember when I first started to get into coach. I remember buying the skinny makup bag with the blue and white stripe thinking how cool!! I used it as my wallet.
  9. Coachnut:

    People are not used to seeing the older styles like the Court Bag. When they
    see them they usually are surprised and might ask if they can purchase it from you. I have the Court Bag and a few other older classic Coach Bags which I will never sell. I also have the Gramery Satchel and that one is a keeper. I get complimented everytime I use it. I have a friend who has not bought anything new from Coach. She has 15 Classic Bags from the 90's. When she wears one she always gets complimented or stopped on the Street. She just loved the leather on those bags. While the Legacy 65th Anniversary Collection is beautiful I still think that the neatest Coach Bags were those from the 80's and 90's. Those Classics are so timeless. I wish
    Coach would bring back the Large Feed Bag in Saddle. That one I would really like to get.:yes:
  10. These were my favorites
  11. i have this in purple! i still use it to this day and i still love it. my roommate in college gave this to me, and i'll never forget her.
  12. The leather gets softer and more wonderful the more I use mine!
  13. Finally a thread for the classic bags. :heart: I love those and that is true that classically well made purses are never too old to wear!
  14. I love the classic bags too!
  15. Count me too. I love how the leather get so irresistably smooth after soo long.