Most comfy pumps to walk in? (7mm-8,5mm)

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  1. Hello ladies :smile:

    I am pretty new to high heels in general, but lately I've been falling in over heels with mr Louboutins shoes :love:

    I want to buy some classic heels that I can get alot of use out of. I want them to be comfy so I can wear them to work and out and about. So no heels higher than 8.5 mm.

    So which of the pumps is more comfy/easy to wear? I love the pigalles, piou piou, rolando and so kate model.
  2. I would recommend Simples or shorter heel Pigalle over Rolando, and So Kate (only comes in higher heels). Piou Piou are also fine, but I find Simple/New Simples more comfy. Do you prefer round or pointy toes?
  3. I prefer pointy toes :smile:
  4. I prefer Simple, Prorata or Pigalle, with the Prorata being my most comfy pair
  5. For pointy toe styles in this range I would suggest Pigalle 70/85 or (New) Decoltissimo 85.
  6. I'd definitely go for the pigalle with the 85mm heel, I have 3 pairs and they're my go to shoes. I had a pair with the 70mm heel but it was more like a kitten heel which I found more difficult to walk in.

  7. I have new decs and I find
    they are not easy to walk in due to the low toe box on the sides. I have a lot of slippage. Piou Piou on the other hand are very easy to walk in.
  8. I agree with the others Pigalle 85 or Piou Piou
  9. Piou Piou is more comfortable than Pigalle imo.

    I don't really understand why you chose Rolando and So Kate, when you say you don't want heels more than 85mm. These are only available in 120, Rolando having an internal platform so you walk on 100.
  10. I meant I like the style of rolando and so Kate :smile: So you would know what style of pumps I like.
  11. By far the Miss Gena 85 !!!
  12. Is simple pumps (70 mm / 85 mm) comfy?
  13. My 85mm simples in black patent are my go-to work shoes. I can wear them for 10+ hours and my feet are still happy.
  14. Same here. I can wear my simples all day...walk all over NYC and be completely comfortable.
  15. I love simples and new simples for comfort but only know them in the higher heel heights. I have a Gres Pump in 85mm and I could wear them all day long. You may want to browse through this thread: The Louboutin Comfort Thread