Most comfortable, stand on your feet all day shoe?

  1. Ok so I work in a salon and I'm on my feet all day long for the most part. I love shoes and don't always buy the most "comfortable" shoe to wear for long periods of time. I love my heels but during the day the balls of my feet start to hurt and burn. My feet tend to slide, is that because there too big? So.. I looked into some Clarks but I can't seem to find a pair that I like, it seems to me the comfortable shoes just aren't all that nice looking.

    Anyone have some suggestions? Or maybe some inserts you wear? What shoes do you wear for long periods of time? I don't have any high designer shoes but I've heard alot say those are much more comfortable. I do want to buy at least 1 pair of shoes that I can wear with most outfits to work and not complain by mid day that feet hurt!

    Help? hehe thanks! :shrugs:
  2. This took me back :smile: I remember my very first pair of stand on your feet all day 4" and that was my Dusty Pink Pied A Terre pumps that I bought in Bournemouth for £99 in 2004. I was 23 and felt so guilty about spending 'that much' on a pair of shoes LOL - If only I knew what I was starting :p

    They really were the most comfortable shoes ever and I think that was because the footbed was soft and sprung and the width of them allowed my foot to sit comfortably and whilst they were high, they weren't needle thin so I did not have to make allowances my hitching my weight forward. The leather also matured well with time so they only got better with wear.

    You don't need to wear flats to be comfortable, I also have a pair of MJ peep-toe that are equally high and just as comfortable. I must say though that these pairs are the exceptions rather than the norm :eek:

    I think the most important factor is not height but foot-bed width. Good luck with your search and do keep us updated :smile:
  3. My CL Simple 85s in black kid - it's like not wearing shoes :tup:
  4. My "all day" shoes range in height (but not higher than 3") and also range in price...from 30 to 600 bucks. I think its most important to get a nice leather, a toebox that doesn"t squeeze your toes at all, something that feels comfortable even when your foot slips forward, and a thicker heel (about 1/2 inch or so). I have a pair of stilettos that are pretty comfortable but I can walk/stand twice as long in a pair of equally height heels that are thicker. A thicker heel is better because you can put more weight on your heels and you dont have to make as many balance adjustments which tire your feet and legs. I also sometmes wear those toe pads that are non slip on the bottom. They provide a little extra padding and keep my feet from slipping forward.
  5. If you're looking for heels, I'd recommend one with a 1/4 or 1/2" platform. Those are more comfortable for standing, IMO.
  6. I know a lot of the girls aren't fond of shoes with rubber bottoms, but they really are much more comfortable for walking and standing.

    On the high end: Prada's Linea Rosa line has many shoes with rubber bottoms that are super cute and comfy. Tod's also has some shoes with rubber bottoms. As some of the other girls have said, a shoe with a little platform will always help.

    A little less expensive: Cole Haan and Geox have fashionable shoes that are also really comfortable. Cole Haan has a line with Nike technology that are really comfortable.
  7. I think I'll look into those Cole Haan's sounds interesting.. running in my heels! I'd love it lol
  8. ^^ Here are some cute ones I found on Zappos:

  9. Birkenstocks! They're ugly but comfortable.
  10. If you're willing to spend more, Taryn Rose and Thierry Rabotin are great and stylish. Little chunkier than say, the Cole Haan air collection but I think they're more comfortable. It's all up to you, though.
  11. Hush Puppies. I work on my feet too.