Most comfortable shoulder strap?

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  1. Bags with shoulder straps that fall off are irritating! Which bags that you own stay on your shoulder the best? Thanks for your answers!
  2. the COACH ALI LEGACY is the most comfortable bag i've experienced so far

    not the coolest, but the most comfy

  3. I say any bag that has a single skinny strap is my answer. Double straps are a pain and so are wide ones.
  4. MbyMJ bags are comfy on my shoulders especially the Faridah.
  5. Yeah, my Faridah stays put. Generally single straps are better than double straps, softer matte leather rather than glossy that's slippery.

  6. I love my LV galliera shoulder strap and Balenciaga city shoulder strap.. both are so comfy to wear.
  7. My BV Veneta, coz it's all leather and no hardware. I can stuff it all I want and still stays on comfortably.
  8. BV veneta is so comfortable to wear.
  9. Thin straps stays on better, but wider straps distributes the weight of the bag better, so it doesn't hurt as much when you're on the go and toting your bag for long periods of time. :smile:
  10. My MBMJ Camille is the most comfortable.