Most comfortable shoes, period -- no matter how ugly?

  1. I have walked all over Europe and Asia in the same pair of no-name leather flip-flops that are so old I can't even recall where I got them. They were comfortable enough, but I'm sure I could find something with better arch support, etc... and these shoes are on their last legs.

    When traveling, I'm really interested in sight-seeing, not in necessarily being stylish. I'd like to buy a truly comfortable pair of shoes (besides flip-flops and a couple pairs of ballet flats, I only own Manolos, Choos, Gucci, and other stiletto shoes!) like Keens.

    Does anyone have a recommendation? I'm not interested in like the Lanvin ballet flat or any other ballet flats -- sure they're comfortable, but not like orthapedic comfy! Know what I mean?

    Anyone try Keens or Merrills? Any other recs?
  2. Oh, and the girl who just bought a pair of Manolos and Gucci heels YESTERDAY is TODAY considering buying these:


    Any experience with KEENS?
  3. Wow, you really meant it when you said no matter how ugly. Sorry I can't help you on this (the best I have are my Asics running shoes with Superfeet inserts), but I wanted to say it makes me sad that us ladies rarely get to wear comfy-comfy shoes like men. Stupid fashion. *grumble*
  4. Funny...I love my shoes as well...however I traveled all over Europe and Thailand in Birkenstocks. God I loved those sandals. I still have them and will never throw them away..they traveled way too many miles and memories! Now my HORRIBLE shoe secret, that I LIVE in around the house and if Im going to get the mail is my Croc flip flops. I have never had such a comfy shoe in my life. My fashion FUG is out. :sad:
  5. I backpacked all over Europe with a pair of Timberland sandals - they were really, really comfortable and super durable. They were also children's sandals so not exactly a fashion statement. :S
  6. I have some great Aerosole flip flops that I have had for years. They are ugly and unfashionable but so comfy!
  7. Keens and Merell are comfortable. But Born shoes are super comfy! You should try them. :smile:
  8. On my aching feet days I like nothing better than my Salomon sneakers. They aren't ugly, though. Just not what I normally wear.
  9. these:


    Croc makes them but so do a LOT of other's not so much who makes them, but that foamy material itself. It's just sooo comfortable. Gives you support unlike little flats and because of the foam, it's got cushioning.
  10. - I agree with all three - with Born being more stylish than the other 2
  11. converse chuck taylor? I know some don't find them that comfortable, but I wore them to Paris last year and my feet felt fine by the end of the day.
  12. I use to have a pair of Merills, very comfy! They have some styles that aren't too bad looking.
  13. Danskos are good for narrower feet. Birkenstocks used to be good, but in recent years their quality has really suffered. Keens are great, especially for wide feet. Clarks also have some very comfortable shoes. I love Crocs flip-flops, but for extended walking they just won't work.

    And all of the above are also quite ugly. But I find Keens to be so ugly they are sometimes cute.
  14. Doc Martins, once they're broken in.
  15. Yes, these are my guilty pleasure. Croc flip flops...Just a little bit of comfy heaven.