Most comfortable shoes for shopping?

  1. Hi girls,

    When I was a student I found it easy to just go shopping with trainers. Especially in the summer though I like to wear skirts and dresses and I am really having troubles to find a trendy pair of comfortable shopping shoes the kind that will not make me stop shopping unless all my credit cards have been declined.:love:

    Any ideas?:idea:
  2. Birkenstocks!!! Seriously comfy and you can kick 'em off when trying clothes, shoes, etc on. There's nothing worse when shopping and having to undo and redo up laces and zips.

    And they're not expensive.

    And, in winter you can wear them with socks. You'll look like a dag, but it can be done.
  3. I like them too but I cannot seem to find a right size. 39(9) is too small and annoying and the 40(10) is too big and they bother me as well when I walk for more than 15 min.

    Thanx anyways:smile:
  4. Ashley Dearborn BHH.jpg Ashley Dearborn catch and release.jpg Ashley Dearborn South.jpg Ashley Dearborn Chloe.jpg
  5. mabe some nice embellished thong flats or mayb ballerina flats?
  6. Jimmy Choo momo flats!! They look great and are really comfy.
  7. flats, converse or flip-flops!!!
    no heels at all:biggrin:
  8. oooh i wear converse to shop in! man theyre comfy!! i wore them to a uni convention thing today and thank god! if id wore my heels... id not be walking now
  9. I second this!
  10. Thanks girls,
    I already looking for an internet shop that sales the flats you reccomended the choo ones. If I cannot manage to get them in Cyprus I ll go with the flip-flops. I like converse but only with jeans because I literally have no ankles:yucky: . I am not fat, I am a US 10, UK 12 but genetically I have fat legs:mad: and converse with skirts you can only imagine:roflmfao:
  11. flip flops / thongs
    i live in them
  12. I think converses are perfect to go shopping in. or maybe the puma anjan. :flowers:
  13. I like flats. I also have a pair of coach Kyrie sneakers that are sporty but dressier than regular trainers!
  14. Cole Haan with Nike Air soles... the Air Bronte Ballet in Chevron, in particular. TO DIE FOR! And I swear you will feel like you are in your favorite tennies, but in SUPER STYLE! They are still available at