Most comfortable peep-toe pumps?

  1. I seem to always have trouble with comfort when it comes to peep toes pumps...always squeezes my toes just enough to make it uncomfy to walk in...any recommendations for peep toe pumps or wedges that are actually comfortable?
  2. Hmm techically they are open toed wedges, not pumps, but I LOVE Steve Madden's "Bunni" shoes.

    I have them in like 9 colors!
  3. Can we please bump this? I am looking for some comfortable peep toe pumps. :sad: I have BCBG and they are killers on my feet. I especially am looking for black patent ones. Please make suggestions! Help!!!
  4. My Fendi peep toes are the most comfortable followed by my Louboutins. I think that they key to many is breaking them in.
  5. The Prada peep toe booties are the best! They feel like walking on clouds!
  6. I havent tried those but I was talking about the peep toe version of these:

    It looks like the ones you linked to but with this material and this cone heel. They are super comfy and I just love them.
  7. really.......that is very good to know! i will have to look into those!
  8. If you are looking for low-end, I had these Aerosole ones. Black peep toe pumps but they were leather, not patent. My feet were very happy!
  9. My most comfy peep toe pumps are a pair of Friis & Co neon pink pumps.


    Very soft and easy to wear from day to night. I've walked a lot in these and never gave me a blister or a pain in my ball of foot. Unfortunately it seems they are not easy to find, and I have to go back to [SIZE=-1]København to get another pair...
  10. I would say my Louboutin NPs are my most comfortable peep toes.
  11. I have a pair of black patent Cole Hann peep toes that are very comfortable. They have the Nike Air Techology.
  12. Ditto. I have a pair of the Cole Haan Carma peep toes in black patent - they're really comfortable.
    If you want a sexier heel, CL's Very Prive's are also comfy for me. Neither of these required a break-in period.

    FWIW, I hated the CL Numero Prive style - I found the toe box narrower in that one compared to the Very Prive... I ended up having to sell them since they never softened up!
  13. I will third this! I have two pairs of the Cole Haan Carma Open Toe Pump and I wear them EVERYWHERE.
  14. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone! I've been scouring the web!