Most comfortable Luxury branded ballet flats

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  1. I have Ferragamo varina patent flats which suit my feet to a t, no wear and tear after daily wearing and totally comfy.
  2. Louis vuitton elba all the way. Super comfy from the first day
  3. I'm finding H shoes very comfy...
  4. Lanvin
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  5. Agree! Love LV Elba!
  6. H did a gorgeous fall shoe in what they are calling the equator print ( think that is the name) in a ballet
    flat that is so comfy...
  7. I have been using Ferragamo Varina for years and found it best in terms of durability and also, no blisters/pain :smile:
  8. The most comfortable work flats for me would be Chanel classic leather ballerina flats, Chloé Lauren flats and Ferragamo Varina
  9. Miu miu ballet flats are the most comfortable for my wide foot. I've collected maybe 20 pairs over the years as I love them so much!
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  10. Giuseppe Zanotti are pretty good and really comfortable. I found Louboutin flats uncomfortable and Jimmy Choo arent too bad although quality wise didnt last long at all.They went out of shape pretty quickly. I bought a pair of Lanvin flats and even though i bought half a size up they were still too tight.Wore them twice and they ended up giving me blisters :sad:
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  11. Lanvin!!! Hands down, I have Ferragamo, Chloe, Chanel, and Lanvin hands down are the best flats for my feet that is slightly wide. Ferragamo classic collection (you can buy this in stores that have the original design, I think NY and Florence?) is also super comfortable and Chloe a close third though it took so long to break in.
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  12. My vote is for Repetto. Wore them around Disney World this summer.
  13. Ferragamo Varina
    Chloe Lauren
    Bloch - though not really luxury

    I personally think the soles of Repetto ballet flats were too thin. I personally found them quite uncomfortable. But then again I've only tried the patent ones, maybe the non-patent ones are better? I also didn't really like Pretty Ballerinas because (1) soles were thin (but better than Repettos) and (2) the band surround the top of the shoe was NOT elastic so it dug into my heel.
  14. Repetto & Chloe
  15. Another vote for Lanvin too! I'm usually a 35 (EU Sizing) but in Lanvins I get 35.5 or 36 because they run small. The leather is thick and durable but still quite soft.
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