Most comfortable Luxury branded ballet flats

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  1. jimmy choo and ferragamo makes really nice ones
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  2. ferragamo become more comfortable with wear, i used to work for the company as a SA and we always recommend to customer that they wear them at home, with socks for the first time and after that for short periods of time when going out until they are "broken in"
    and yes, the calf leather ones are more comfortable and easier to break in than the patent leather ones
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  3. Definitely Ferragamo Varina, Chanel and Roger Vivier ( not the gommette). You could stand and walk around whole day in these with no problem at all.
    Bloch is good option but I guess it's not included in luxury category... Personally a bit reserved about the elastic band. Repetto is nice but a bit tired with feet with 'heavy-duty' walking around and standing.
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  4. Chanel
  5. Agreed, I felt there wasn't sufficient support for my feet when I wear my Repettos, and they didn't last longer than a few months, especially after a trip to Paris, having walked on the cobblestone roads.
  6. I wonder why LV's Elba flats are not popular? They are well made, comfortable and doesn't require breaking in.
  8. Still on my search to find comfortable flats that I can walk all day sight-seeing I can tell you what hasn't worked for me. Ferragamo's not comfortable but I do have patent leather ones. Cole Haans didn't work for me, Tory oh Tory. I have over 5 pairs of flats of hers because I was convinced I was buying the wrong style. Nope, her flats may as well be soleless, no padding whatsoever on the bottoms, but I find her heels great. Tod's driving moc bottoms with the bunnies kill the bottoms of my feet and I think Tieks are over rated and flat out ugly. Seriously considered chucking them into the Trevi fountain but didn't want to litter. Still searching for my fashion unicorn...
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  9. I love Lanvin ballerinas which have padding, however I do not typically wear them for a day of sightseeing. For that I wear skate sneakers or in the winter in Europe, mephistos. Robert Clergerie shoes are also good for walking.
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  10. Roger Vivier gommette
    Chanel ballet flats
    Repetto ( for me they don't work for wearing/walking for long periods of time)
  11. Ferragamo varina- can walk in them for hours. Chanel ballerinas (although I find the heel a bit too low) and Pretty Ballerinas
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  12. This is a really interesting thread. I was in the Lanvin camp for a long time, but my Lanvin flats have finally bit the dust - the back heel leather is cracked all the way though. I did wear them a lot, but still would have expected longer wear for the price. Maybe it's a defective design issue as I see a lot of used ones have similar cracks and wear at the heel.

    Maybe time to try Ferragamo!
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  13. The most comfortable flats I have ever owned are from Sam Edelman. I have worn them everywhere, and they hold up if I am walking around the office, running an errand, or frantically running back and forth across Rome for 12 hours in an attempt to see the whole city in a day. Since this is probably not what you had in mind when you said "designer," I also highly recommend Tod's (I only have loafers, not flats though) and the classic Chanel ballet flats.
  14. For me it has been Prada and Cole Haan (the latter not really a high-end brand though). Previously I had purchased several Lanvin flats, but they dug into my foot and I found myself never wearing them (I also tried Kate Spade flats and they did the same thing). I've been wanting to try the Ferragamos, but one of my feet is slightly longer than the other and I find it is easier to get flats with the elastic. With loafers, I have found Gucci's horsebit to be comfortable and they fit without needing them to have elastic.
  15. Hermes "Next" ballerina in equator.. could no tbe more comfortable