Most comfortable Luxury branded ballet flats

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  1. I'm looking for an investment piece - a pair of ballet flats I can wear for work. I was looking at Ferragamo but would love recommendations from you. I have slightly wider feet so need something with softer leather. I own Tory Burch's but they're not very comfortable on me. And the leather actually makes my feet smell funky lol...
  2. I only own repetto and christian louboutin and I don't find either super comfy but I have read that Tod and lavin shoes are supposed to by comfy.
  3. I love Miu Miu personally. I believe there's a thread or two in the Glass Slipper section with more info/opinions
  4. So many options but given your slightly wider fitting (like me) and that you want to wear them to work, I would recommend Bottega Veneta intrecciato styles (round, squared off and pointed toe options), Alaia and Ferragamo.
    These are all comfortable and hard wearing. Roger Vivier might be a good option too - I haven't worn mine often enough to know for sure.
    Lanvin ballet flats are very pretty but not very supportive and they wear out too fast.
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  5. I like AGL (from Nordstrom) the best for ballet flats, they have some nice low pumps too. Very soft leather, I have never had an uncomfortable pair and I have different styles and both rubber and leather sole types. The rubber sole type is a cheaper version usually made for anniversary sale, but I slightly prefer this type actually as it doesn't wear down as much and you can wear it in wet weather. You can get the leather type re-soled though if it wears down, I just wear mine as is though as it doesn't really bother me.

    I have 1 pair of Lanvins, beautiful shoes but not near as comfortable as AGL. I have 1 Tory Burch as well, it's actually a low wedge ballet pump, it's better than her flats but still not as comfortable as AGL. I have a few of the cole haan low wedge ballet pumps as well and they are comfortable but still AGL is the best. It's their soft leather that sets them apart from the others I think.
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  6. Second on the AGL and Cole Haan (even though not technically "luxury" still great shoes). I have two pairs of AGL flats and I hope to splurge on another pair or two soon.
  7. I'm a fan of french sole ( nice selection, comfy & wear well) in addition to RV
  8. Roger V all the way. I have a wider foot btw.
  9. Wow great suggestions! I looked up AGL on Nordtrom and just didn't see a style that I liked. I'm looking for fashion and comfort (does it even exist?!). Roger V ballerinas don't look too bad.

    I will keep digging. Thanks for the tips friends and keep me coming!
  10. Jimmy Choo makes really comfy flats.
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  11. I love Ferragamo shoes as I find them very comfortable and dressy with trousers or dresses. They are one of the few luxury shoe brand that offer different widths in most of their footwear so I'm sure that you will find one that fits your feet. Ask for Ferragamo Wide in C or D. GL
  12. Chloé scalloped flats
  13. Ferragamo are perfect. My foot is wider too and I couldn't spend my money better.
  14. Oh my goodness me too, Ferragamo's are my favourite shoes in the world :heart: I have long, narrow feet and they always fit me like a dream. It's fantastic how they cater so well for both narrow and wide feet, normally it's one or the other. They're pretty much the only brand of shoes that don't give me blisters too :biggrin: They are worth every penny
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  15. Do you ladies mind sharing photos of your shoes? I'm going this wkend to try on a bunch.

    Thanks again!!