most comfortable booties

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  1. thanks lilgooseberry!! haha that's a good sign =)
    so-phisticated- thanks for the suggestion!!
    eeek i'm stuck. don't know if i should get a 36.5 or 37 as i am usually a 36. I also fit a 36.5 but i just have to add insoles...I wished there were CL booties left at holts for me to try =( I guess i'd have to go with my luck!
  2. I LOVE my C'est Moi booties. :love: I've worn them for hours with no problems whatsoever! :nuts: I wear a 38 in the VP/NP, 38.5 in decolletes, and either a 38 or 38.5 in simples, new simples, etc.... I went with the 38.5 (the 38 would have been too tight, and I probably could've done the 39 too). :smile: I don't think the buttons look funny because they pop out... in fact, the buttons are the reason I wanted them haha, because they're such a cute detail! :love: