most comfortable booties

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  1. #1 Jan 17, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2009
    I have been thinking of getting an ankle bootie for some time now but which styles are most comfortable?
    I do like hidden platforms any reccommendations? Also, for sizing, do I go a full size up? for example i am a size 36 for pigalle but for no barre i got 36.5 cause that's the only size holt had left. so doesthat mean for booties i should go 37 or 37.5? =S

    I do like SIGOURNEY, TROtinette, inverness, METALLIKA(suede) annd Lapanos, was wondering if they're comfortable. and suggestions for sizing?

    For C'est moi does it look funny in the front when at the sides 3 bumps(buttons) kind of pop out? =S

  2. I have the C'est Moi and Sigourney. I love them both equally. For some reason, CL booties feel awkward when worn initally. The arch of the boot are bit higher than other styles of CLs. However, after wearing them a couple times, I have gotten used to them and they are both very comfortable. I also had a pair of Belles, but my daughter fell in love with them, so I gave them to her. I wore the Belles once and they were also comfortable, but very simple in style.

    I am a size 39 in VPs, NPs, Rolandos, and so on, but with the booties I had to go 1/2 a size up(39.5). Reason being is that the toebox was pretty tight around my toes and tight in the heel of my foot in a the size 39.
  3. I love Signourney. I am a US size 7, but I got a 37.5 in these. I have one foot that is a little wider than the other and they were tight at first. They stretched nicely and now they are perfect! I also have the Cajole bootie but they have a short heel. Those are very comfortable. I have the Padrino and the Bang Bang booties coming so I will let you know how those fit.
  4. If you're looking for comfort, I'd probably recommend something with a platform (so go for the C'est moi booties... but ya... I also am not too fond of the buttons.....)

    I personally don't really like the look of platform booties (especially when they're hidden cuz it makes my feet look clownish imo) though, so I don't mind suffering a bit from discomfort with the non-platform styles.
  5. laponos are NOT comfortable, STAY AWAY!!!

    i find the belle booties most comfortable, i managed to stand in them for 3 hours straight.. TWICE! .. and sigourney are pretty comfortable as well.. neither have platforms, but they're both very pretty!
  6. When it comes to booties I generally find suede to be the most comfortable, and in heights 100mm or lower. Most people don't find Laponos very comfortable. I haven't worn my C'est Mois yet so I can't really say what they're like, but the most comfortable booties I've tried are the ankle tie booties, in suede. I have them in leather as well, and the leather does get more comfortable once it's broken in. :flowers:
  7. My Sigourneys were super comfortable right out of the box.
    My Metallikas took a little breaking in.
  8. I like my Belles, but as stated, they are very classic and simple in style. My favorite are the Paris style, but you dont see them very often. They are the most comfortable boots I have... :smile:

  9. i gotta tell ya that the ornirons are NOT comfortable for me, although others find them just the opposite. there's something about the pitch that hurts my whole body!
  10. i think the c'est mois are comfie, went to uni with them and was running aroudn sorting stuff out.
    I went whole size up in them though. =)

    i havent actually thought about if they look funny with the buttons when u look at them at the front... hmm ill ask someone else's opinion tomorrow =)
  11. so-phisticated- thanks for giving me a heads up for the laponos. that, i will be crossing off , im glad the sigourney is comfy since it might be the one i will be aiming for =)

    keya- Thanks for the input! was wondering what is the name of the suede ankle boot u have?

    Jetsetgo- YAY another comfortable sigourney owner. was wondering how did the sizing go for the sigourney? Did you go a whole size up or half a size? and does it stretch a lot?

    cfellis 552- another belle lover, was wondering how the paris looks like =P

    yaya3- thanks for letting me know about the ornirons =)

    lilgoosberry- wow u ran aroubnd university in c'est moi?! aren' t they like 5 inches? u go girl!
    lols about the buttons! i'll wait for someone's opinnion =)
  12. ^^
    That funny i just went to ask my mummy (im a mummy's girl) about the buttons... this is the convo
    me: mummy do the buttons look weird from the front when u look at my shoes
    Mummy: what buttons?
    me: those really cute buttons there *points at them*
    Mummy: no they dont look weird, but u look weird wearing pjs with ur boots

    so the conclusion from my someone is no they dont look weird =P
  13. :roflmfao: ^^^^^

    mmm, c'est moi booties & pj's!!
  14. CLs and pjs are not as uncommon as you would think, here at least!

    I love the C'est Moi! Considering an ebay pair myself right now...
  15. lol, i wear PJs, colored socks and Loubies all the time for stretching!!!

    if you're wondering about sigourney size, personally i had to go up a full size, i tried going half a size up and it was just too tight on the toes (i have long toes!)