Most comfortable 150s? Advice please!

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  1. Ladies

    I am on the search for comfy heels to wear for my wedding. My fiance is over a foot taller than me so I'd like to wear 150s or higher if I can manage.

    I currently own Lady Peep 150, Greissimo 140 and Jenny 140 but they are too narrow for me to wear comfortably for 8+ hours.

    Should I go for the thicker platform peeptoes like Highness/Drapesse, or should I go for a thicker heel like Bambou/Babel?

    Or should I just get some nude Bianca 120s and be comfortable all night?
  2. madame butterfly bootie is my most comfy 150mm+ (and one of my most comfy period) but not sure if they'd go with your dress or you could find them since they are older.
  3. I have heard this actually!! I will have to look into it, thanks for the feedback
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    Miss Benin 160, Lady Gres 160 or Highness. I own the Lady Gres and they are totally comfy for 8+ hours wearing over the Lady Peep or other Louboutins.
  5. Daffodile and the Taclou are really easy breezy for me. The taclou has a thicker heel which gives me so much more support and comfort. I highly recommend either or (taclou more).
  6. Lady peeps are my most comfy :smile:
  7. Wedding shoe shopping!!!! :woot:

    I can't give you any advice on what's the most comfortable 150s unfortunately, but personally I won't be wearing anything higher than 120 (probably wearing the LCs I got off you!!! :heart:) on my wedding. Here's my 2 cents. Comfy or not, a platform is still a platform, and I don't want have to worry about trying to keep my balance while running around here and there. I don't want to be watching my every step, and I don't want to trip and break my ankle on my wedding day. Secondly, I will be doing lots of drinking and dancing the whole night (when I say dancing, I mean serious dancing like salsa, disco fox, etc.. not bouncing up and down, and shuffling left and right :P ). If so, platforms are pretty much out of the question.

    However that's just my opinion, and I can understand you want a higher pair because of your height difference. Maybe you can wear the higher pair for the morning/ceremony/photo session and change to a lower pair at the end of the night?? Whatever you decide, it will be great :smile: Just don't forget though, that you should only get a pair that you really love, and will wear again after the wedding. Because your shoes will be covered most of the time anyway, and it would be a shame to get it just for the wedding and if you won't wear it after that..
  8. I think the LP's are probably the easiest of the 150's to wear.
    I find the Lady Gres 160's a bit of a challenge.
  9. I sold them after 3 years but the Madame Butterfly Booties were my most comfortable 150 too...