Most Collectable Hermes Scarves of all Time!

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  1. hey ladies!

    I thought it would be fun to post very collectible Hermes scarves...and pics if you have them.

    anyone want to start?

    I am a newbie I offer no good input! :smile:
  2. Great idea for a thread Guccigal.
    I'm too new to the scarf world and only buy what I like and can wear.
  3. ^^ Me too, but I can't wait to hear from our pros.
  4. I know that Recontre Oceane is very hot, I have it in neon green with yellow hem, stunning.
  5. pics!!
  6. Not sure if this is considered collectible or not...but just received my limited edition plum turandot!! It's gorgeous!!!

    Turandot and fleece 003.jpg
  7. is turandot still available in boutiques?
  8. oh, my vote is for recontre oceane (waiting for the reissue!)
  9. So pretty!!!
  10. This is from the Charlotte store and they had a 'few' left...and the SA was VERY nice!!
  11. It seems like anything superasa sells is most collectable...

    Really this is up to the neck of the collector... about

    Grand Fonds


    Les Triples


    Brown and Orange Bolduc


    And the How to Tie a Scarf scarf


    Also Axis Mundi

    and Pierres D'Orient Occident
  12. How about Les Mustangs? Considered collectable?
  13. ok, i change my vote to grands fond...or recontre oceane...or grands fond...QM, i love the scarves you've posted. btw, i never got my "grail scarf" les pivoines as i lost the ebay bidding war and the scarf that NM sent to me was the wrong colorway (big sigh)...maybe someday...
  14. ^^

    I will keep an eye out!
  15. thanks, QM! you're the bomb!