Most classic LV?


Nov 28, 2008
Washington DC
I want a classic LV, something smaller though. I love the big bags, but when I'm out without my 3 kids, I like to feel a bit 'freer' and not have a big bag on my shoulder. I prefer something hand-held though.

I am definitely somewhat fashion forward, although I am a mom of 3 small kids. I do love edgier bags, but prefer to buy classic designer ones instead so that I can wear them for years.

Any thoughts on which bag you think would be a great 'must have' LV that will stand the test of time? I already have a Galliera Mono MM and a Ebene NF MM (which don't fit the category I'm talking about either). I do *love* the classic look of the Mono Speedy, but don't know if I'm better off saving up for a Tivoli PM or perhaps something else?



Nov 1, 2008
I have red Epi petite noe and love it. It is a classic collection. Speedy is nice and classic too, it sounds like you are into the monogram pattern.


Jan 1, 2011
Speedy all the way - I truly believe it is the most iconic LV. And if you prefer small, try a 25.
Feb 29, 2008
Arizona, USA
I bought a Speedy B 30 when my daughter was born in May, and it is great for when I'm with her and when I'm not. I have the shoulder strap if I need it, and I usually want it when I'm carrying her or her stuff! Lol It can also be worn crossbody as well. I also recently bought the Odeon MM as another crossbody option, and I have liked that as well. Good luck!


Shoe and Bag Addict
Oct 12, 2008
Charlotte, NC
I'd say Tivoli PM if you want something mono, less pervasive and handheld. A speedy is always a nice option, but it sounds like you want to stand out a bit. I have 2 speedys and the Tivoli PM. For what you want, the Tivoli seems like a great choice. I would also suggest looking at the Popincourt Haut. It is a classic take on the triangle bag and has adjustable straps so it can be carried by hand or lengthened to be a cute little shoulder bag.