Most beautiful lingerie, and scented drawer sachets

  1. Hi everyone,

    Today I finally opened the gold Kelly pochette I got from Hermès, which will be my Christmas present for the woman I told you about. It really is beautiful; I'm glad I got the gold (I think!), and even the packaging and dust bag are just exquisite. Not too fancy; just elegant. I'll post photos sometime. I now have to decide whether I should attach a twilly, pouchette, etc. to the handle. Any suggestions?

    I know this is a bit off topic, but I wanted to both tell you and ask you about lingerie and scented drawer sachets. If you're interested in the most beautiful and unique sachets, visit WWW.GOLDNDULCINEA.COM. They seem like they'd be a wonderful gift for a woman, yes? Expensive, but so are all these wonderful things...

    I've also thought about the idea of giving her a really nice silk robe (warm in S. Florida, so I figured silk is perfect). I've thoroughly looked at most of the best brands; Guia La Bruna, La Perla, Agent Provocateur and Catriona MacKechnie, etc. I really like Carine Gilson (my favorite), Strumpet & Pink, etc. But I think the best (most delicate, feminine, well-made and nicest fabrics, and most exclusive) seems to be a store in Paris called SABBIA ROSA. Do any of you know it? What do you think of them? I understand it's a small lingerie shop frequented by a lot of celebrities, and they make all their own items using French silk and lace. Here's a photo of a robe I considered; it's $2000 (I know not much for H. items, but a lot for lingerie, right?). I think it's very pretty and love all the lace, although perhaps the color is too bridal (?). She likes purple, so I'm thinking perhaps a lavender or lilac color. Also - here's a photo of one of the Gold N Dulcinea sachets; nice gift? THANKS!
    Sabbia Rosa 1.jpg 02button1.jpg 12aww2.jpg
  2. Hermes also do drawer liners and sachets that are divine. Their bathrobes are to die for, too.
  3. This means I just found out about something that I didn't know existed 5 minutes ago, and now must have. Can you tell me anything about material or price? Enable me! Enable me! TIA.
  4. I'll PM you!
  5. I've seen the package at NM with the paper (I think) which Hermès sells as drawer liners. I was trying to figure out what the item was; it looked like the package came in some sort of tube, rolled up. Is that what you mean? And Hermès also makes silk robes? I shouldn't be surprised, although I don't think I've ever seen them at my local NM. Too bad I don't live close to an H. boutique since I'm probably missing out on all kinds of wonderful presents I could be buying (although maybe that's a good thing for my bank account... lol).
  6. ^ mine too....there's TOO many temptations!
  7. i think sabbia rosa is on my list in my paris thread!! did you go there?