Most beautiful classic and everyday Mulberry bag?

  1. Classic bag: I would say Bayswater (will buy one someday)

    Everyday bag: Jacquetta or maybe Mollie as they're quite similar.

    And I get lots of compliments when I'm wearing my vanilla Annie .. it's gorgeous in that colour.
  2. Hi Olga I see you have an Annie in vanilla . I love this colourway but how does the leather age???
  3. My chocolate bayswater is such a classic bag, I am loving it!!
  4. Flossie .. it ages beautifully although the back of the bag has darkened a bit .. probably because of the rubbing against my coat but it's not very noticeable.

    But I am really careful with my Annie, gorgeous colour but if you want a bag that you can use every day and not be too careful about, then opt for another colour.

    Kerilynn .. chocolate bayswater is beautiful indeed!
  5. Classic bag: Helier. This is a very traditional Mulberry shape although it has been overshadowed by the Bayswater.

    Everyday bag: Currently it's my pink Hanover. I just love this bag! Great shape, great colour, easy to carry. In the winter it was my black Alana - a real sling it around bag.
  6. Hi Sarajane, do you have a picture of the Helier?
  7. Chaz posted a pic of her's in teal - if you do a search it'll come up. I did post a pic of mine but when the site was revamped the pic was lost. Will try & post some new ones in the reference thread.
  8. Sj,mine is smaller than yours,I think you have the bigger size you can put over your shoulder?While I'm here I'll re-post pics of mine.

    Oooo,and I have done pics of Pinky the Hanover,and the Helier as promised,but bloody hell,on the day Andy decides to come home early and work upstairs!!!!!!!!! Talk about stealth mission!! Jeez the things I do for all of you !!Hahaha!!! I managed it,and will upload and post them later,with scarf and assorted coats!!!
    stuff 019.JPG
  9. Classic every day bag has got to be the bayswater
  10. Chaz, mine is the same size as yours. It's only a handheld and has a long thin attachable strap so it can be worn as a shoulder bag, altho I only ever carry it.
    In my massive clear out of the boys' den I had to sneak a huge bag full of toys they no longer play with out of the house - waited til it was dark & the footie was on! We women are ace at stealth!
  11. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Hahahaha!! Brilliant!!! If only Andy knew what was going on just down the stairs from him......................................:nuts:

    But wow,isn't it fab when you have an almighty clearout!!!????

    (my Helier did'nt come with a strap,but makes a change having a handheld instead of a shoulder bag!!)
  12. The Bayswater. For both categories I think!
  13. I agree about the Bayswater - in both categories. That was the bag that got me in this madness and I´ll be forever thankful for that! Unfortunately we don´t get along very well. It sits in the closet just to be admired (and smelled) now and then. I don´t think I could part with it in fear of regretting it later so I´ll just wait for us to "click"! It is a lovely bag:tup:!!!
  14. Oh mymlan- i feel much better about my bayswater since I started using it ! force yourself to get it out for a few safe trips ( ie somewhere when there is no risk of baby vomit etc) and I'm sure you'll click!:p
  15. Nothing can beat the oak bayswater