Most beautiful BV I Have

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  1. i received this today and am blown away with how beautiful it is. It is the small Intrecciato metal link hobo. It is preowned but she carried it twice, so it is in mint condition. I have owned a Montaigne, a Cabat, two cervo baseball hobos , a Campana, a cervo loop, a Lauren and a Nodini. They all pale in comparison to this one. The color is breathtaking. DH even commented on it. A super surprise was the large slip pocket big enough for my iPhone XR! Can you tell I am a happy camper.
    Here it is:
  2. Oh so beautiful! Congratulations! Wear her in good health and happiness!
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  3. :eek:That is just stunning! Congratulations!!!
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  4. Definitely a keeper! Congratulations!
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  5. It glows! Enjoy, enjoy. Thanks for sharing your photo with us.
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  6. Nothing compares to a BV metallic!!! Beautiful!!!
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  7. That’s really beautiful!
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  8. This color is a knockout! Enjoy this beautiful bag.
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  9. How do BV metallics wear? Is there any special care needed? In other brands I have noticed that the metallic coating will wear off. I change bags almost daily so none get excessive use.
  10. Such a Beautiful bag:love:
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  11. Re wear: I’d expect minor finish loss on the edges and probably near the rings. I had a Helios iron and it got some finish loss pretty quickly on the edges and I noticed the color underneath the metallic was silver in hue. So while small, the finish loss showed more.

    @Mousse, how is your Ottone stuff wearing?

    I don’t think you need to do anything special at all. Just enjoy this really pretty bag.
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  12. This is stunning. What a score!
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  13. I think it's hard to generalize. BV has done different types of metallic applications on different leathers over the years, so I'm thinking each would wear differently. I think it depends on the bag style, too, and whether there are any rub points from hardware of clothing.

    For what it's worth, I have experience with metallic lasered grosgrain over nappa, in a card case and bags. My SA told me to expect the finish to behave like a "living finish" that burnishes with wear (she likened it to an old penny), but I haven't actually seen that kind of wear. I think they've held up better than I expected. If I scrutinize them closely, looking for evidence of wear, I do see typical wear to the metallic finish. By that I mean that the metallic shows wear in much the same way that my non-metallics do, for example, on the underside of handles. As with all of my bags, I avoid getting them wet and try to avoid abrasive surfaces. But a little wear will show on all of my nappa bags, regardless of color, if I wear them a lot and if they abrade against rougher clothing like jeans.

    I also have experience with metallic and non-metallic calf bags. Those, in comparison to nappa, have seemed indestructable. Though they soften with use, the leather itself seems to resist or at least hide imperfections well, possibly because the leather starts out with more structure and texture that blends in any wear. The metallic was applied differently, too; it looked more dyed than coated, but I don't know how it was done for sure.

    As for special care, I read somewhere that one should not get metallics wet and should not spray them with anything, because the finish is more prone to lift or flake (or even dissolve under a solvent).
  14. It is very nice of you to take so much time to write this. I really appreciate it. I contacted BV and received a message to treat the metallics like other leathers, avoid abrasions, water, oils, etc. Other than that no special care.
  15. Lovely bag, @southernbelle43 enjoy! :flowers:
    I can't tell if its Oro Scuro or Dark Bronze.

    One of these days (when I have the extra time), I'm going to start a thread on Metallic bags and how they wear since this question comes up so often, and I'm going to include this knowledgable and detailed post of yours. :flowers:
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