Most annoying current songs?

  1. Anything by Lady Gaga, Madonna, or Kesha.
  2. Everything and anything Beiber and Taylor Swift.
  3. Me too! Sick of those three (taylor, justin, gaga). Them and anything hip-hoppish.
  4. OMG by Usher and anything by Ke$ha.......she is sooooo freakin annoying!
  5. Omg yes, i will never understand the appeal of the black eyes peas. I feel as though they were the last four people sitting around at some big audition and they all looked at each other and said "ok, then..."

  6. Really? I love them.:biggrin:
  7. Snort - good one!!

    Boom, Boom, Pow has to be one of the worst song in history. They call it a futuristic electro feel song. WTF does this does this even mean??
  8. I have to add anything by Katy Perry to my list!
  9. The new song of Miley Cyrus.
  10. OMG, Usher's "OMG" is soo annoying lol

    Eminem's "Not Afraid"

    Katy Perry's "California Girls" stations and their 5 song playlists... :wacko:
  11. Hahaha totally agree! Boom boom pow and I Gotta Feeling drive me insane. I hate the radio so much..if I don't have my iPod with me in my car, I'd rather drive in silence than listen to it.
  12. Anything Lady Gaga - can't stand her
  13. OMG by Usher...
  14. That E Iglesias new song I don't even know what's the title is..I really dislike that song that I always change my radio stations if they play that ..

    And anything Miley Cyrus - can't stand her...
  15. :lol:! How ironic, it's called 'I Like It' :biggrin: