Most Airplane-Safe LV?

  1. I was reading the thread about where people put their LV bags when they travel on planes, and I wondered, out of all the LV bags whats the best one to travel with? I mean which is the best size, which has the least leather to fuss with, and which is the easiest to carry? You have to think about all the things that happen at the airport, and on the plane. First you get into the airport, load up your stuff, while carrying your matching Keepall ;) , then let other people touch your bags for security check, then set it down to rest before taking off, then you have to get on the plane and find the perfect place to put it.

    My choice has to be the BH, or BV. They dont have too much leather, and they seem like theyre pretty good sizes to travel with.

    What do you think if the best?
  2. Epi Speedy 30!!
  3. the damier speedy 25/30/35/40 feels like a good bag to be thrown around.

    my dad's friend has a problem with the flight attendance handling her epi alma. she was shocked with the bag was "thrown" into the cabins. and there were some scratches on her epi. the FA tot it was a fakE!
  4. Epi and Mono speedy 25/30 are both good choices!
  5. Wow, Speedys are good to travel with?

    I always thought that shoulder bags were more comfortable, I want a Speedy badly.
  7. Vuitton paper bag. :graucho:
  8. Any damier, epi or fully patina mono pieces are good to take for travel..
  9. Speedy 40 is the best for me!

  10. LOL
  11. speedies!
  12. :lol: LMAO
  13. I'd say a Saleya!
  14. I usually carry my Speedy 30, but I have to say the best bag is the Sharon Stone Amfar bag. I had it and sold it, but it was perfect for travel. Adjustable shoulder strap, plenty of room and places to organize, minimal vachetta to worry about and GREAT styling.
  15. LOL!!! HA HA HA HA!!!