Most affordable LV pieces?

  1. Hi ladies!

    What do you think are the most affordable LV pieces in terms of its size/maintenance/practicality?

    Off the top of my head:

    Monogram Speedy
    Monogram Neverfull

    Thats all I can think of..:sweatdrop:
  2. hmm how about the cles ? the damier cles is pretty big and not so big on the cash .
  3. - Neverfull
    - Cles
    - pochette
    - T&B mini pochette
  4. mono card holder (the one where you have several see through plastic sleeves inside to hold cards)
  5. The mini pochette (doubles as a cosmetics case or a clutch purse)

    The speedy 25 in mono or damier (holds a ton and is a classic)

    The damier or monogram cles (very practical as key holder and card case)

    The monogram koala agenda (useful and durable, as well as being cute and unique. of course it's now discontinued, so I guess the mono agenda PM would work as well)

    For things under $1000, I would say the Saleya PM is an excellent year-round bag.
  6. Speedy ~ mono or damier, 25 or 30 ($25 diff.)
  7. Wapity
  8. I think the Partenaire Agenda is a great price! Also speedies and neverfulls.
  9. Neverfull...
  10. speedy 25
    papillon 26

    then i guess some of the wallets and cles and the mini pochette :smile:
  11. Any one of these items in canvas (mono or damier) --the key/change holder, speedy 25 or 30, and pochette accessories.
  12. I would say the Pochette Accessories. You can use inside a larger bag, as a clutch, or as a purse!!
  13. pochette
  14. speedy monogram
  15. Neverfull