Most accurate scale?

  1. I recently replaced an aging scale with a new one. To test the new one I stepped on it 4 times in a row.

    Each time was different.... with one reading 1 1/2 pounds off from another one.

    Any suggestions for a truly accurate scale? TIA!
  2. make sure you are on a hard surface, like concrete.
  3. ^^ I second that. Also, it helps to stand up straight when you weight yourself. If you keep leaning over, the numbers will fluctuate up and down.

    I own a scale by Tanita. It got it from Amazon for $50, I think. I have been using it for almost two years and so far, so good. Mine has a big, LED-lit digital display and can be switched between pounds and kilograms. It's glass and metal. Very nice and worth the price.
  4. Thanks cherry pie and ArmCandyLover-

    I use it on my bathroom floor...not concrete, but fairly hard. My old scale, before it met with a recent accident, (involving my beloved dog having an upset tummy :yucky:) was pretty accurate.

    I'm off to check out that Tanita on Amazon. I think the scale I just bought isn't the best.
  5. I think the most accurate ones are the ones at doctor offices, wh ere you have to move the scale yourself. If you go tot he gym there should be one available for you to use in the locker room.

    Otherwise if you wanted one for the house.. I suggest the digital ones like armcandyluvr suggested.