Mos's Modest Collection

  1. Okay, so I finally got my act together and am posting my small collection. I think its not bad considering both my husband and I are grad students.

    The first group is what I call: FIRST GENERATION..they are from late 90s. Some are not designer names, but are great leather quality bought from high-end stores with their name on it.

    1- The black shoulder bag (HARVEY NICOLS)- London.
    2- White bag (RUSSELL & BROMLEY) - London.
    3- Brown SHoulder bag (RUSELL & BROMLEY)- London
    4- Coach Puchette
    5- FURLA tote
    6- Chloe shoulder bag/clutch. I posted this one on the chloe unusual "older" bags.
  2. u got some really nice bags... like the white one...
  3. WAIT!!!!! I AM NOT DONE YET!!!!!!!!!!

    Now, the more contemporary collection

    1- Ivory Chloe Paddington (new w/tags..going back to the store and I am getting a chanel)!!!!!
    2- LV damier Bucket
    3- LV Manhattan GM (my work bag)
    4- Isabella Fiore- will double as a diaper bag ( I am due in Sept!!!!!!!!)
    5-Fendi Baby Spy (ah! The love of my life:heart: )
    6-Black Gucci small hobo
    7- Coach satchel (my grab-and-go bag)
    8-White Dior Saddle
    9-Dior Wallet (pretty beaten up) and Gucci wallet
    10-LV cosmetic bag

    I am waiting for an order from Gucci (courtesy of the sale!) and I will post pics of my new chanel.
  4. Woah nothing modest about your collection! You have a fabulous, well rounded collection! Oh BTW congrats on being due in September. I hope all goes well for you and your upcoming baby! Thanks for sharing!
  5. beautiful bags! thanks for sharing!
  6. STUNNING!!! Esp. your Manhattan!!!:love:
  7. I love that red Furla bag. It's such a deep, gorgeous shade of red.:love:
  8. OMG the Manhattan is just a bag with attitude! I love it, but find it sometimes too big for my stuff. It doesn't look good when its empty! So, just today, I went out and put 2 pairs of sunglasses, my camera (although I didn't need it), ipod and other junk I really wasn't going to use just to beef it up!!! Its actually for work, my laptop fits nicely.
  9. Thanks I am excited! I have been craving bags through out my pregnancy! But I don't eat them!:lol: :lol:
  10. :love: :love: :love: Mo, i love you manhattan!!!! your collection is beautiful! so many different pieces!!! thanks for sharing!
  11. LOL, now that is a craving I had never heard about!:roflmfao:
  12. great collection!
  13. wow, great collection. i also have the manhattan gm and love it!
  14. Love your collection ... love:love: that baby spy!
  15. Very nice! Thanks for sharing.