Moss Logan....

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  1. has shipped from AsterAlice!!!
    Wasnt supposed to ship until March 5th!!!!
    So, my Thursday is going to be full of surprises!
    TWO bags coming in!!
  2. In plenty of time for spring. Can't wait to see pics!!
  3. I'm so looking forward to this one, please REVEAL soon~
  4. yay for you! what's #2? i really like the look of the logan, i'd love to see modeling pics!
  5. The moss Logan looks amazing! Can't wait to see your pics Congrats!
  6. Wow! More future reveals. :yahoo:

    I can't wait.
  7. YaY! Can't wait til Thursday!
  8. I've been on a green binge lately....I'm looking forward to this reveal!
  9. Bag 2 beat the Logan here....
    It's a Tods G bag....TDF too!
  10. I adore the Logan! Can't wait to see your reveal and the color from your perspective. Congrats!
  11. I can't wait to see the moss Logan too because it's another obsession of mine at this moment!!
  12. Got it and I am not pleased.
    Its much darker than it appears in the photos at Botkier and I have some leather matching that I dont like. Lamb leather has to be close to a perfect match.
    Tell me what you think before I box her up and return her. I'm sad, I was so looking forward to this.



  13. I love the color. I don't know about the leather but that's something you should ask Botkier.

    Now that I see it's a darker Moss color, this might be my next item.
  14. The color looks pretty true to the color on Luna Boston's website, which is what made me fall in love with the color. The colors on Botkiers website honestly (on all their bags) look a little washed out. I love the color!! I don't know about the mismatched leather if that's normal or not. If it's really noticible I'd return it otherwise, if you really have to look close, I would keep it. JMO!! Good luck!! :smile:
  15. I love the colour but the mis-matched panel would bug. I'm sorry for your disappointment. :sad: