Moss colored Sienna is discoloring

  1. So, I have a moss colored Sienna that I've carried maybe 15 times in the year I've owned it. However, it appears to be taking on a brownish cast on the exposed areas - most noticeable when compared to the leather inside the exterior pockets, which is still a lovely green, not the vaguely dingy cast the rest of it has.

    I've emailed Kooba and they said that since I bought it at their sample sale I'm SOL (after buying like 10 of their bags, this will be the end of that, because I have one discoloring, one that broke - my Frankie, where the plastic in the ends popped out of the channel it was sewn into, and a Ginger which is unfortunately already unstitching itself after about the fourth time I carried it), which made me pretty upset especially considering I was just asking them what they recommend cleaning it with, not for a refund.

    Anyway, has anyone had this same problem? Know what to use to clean it? I probably can't afford to send it to LMB. I almost feel like the NYC air is just so dirty that as soon as I go outside the bags start accumulating scum, but I hope that's not the case!

    So sad. . .
  2. Hi Juliel,

    Kooba is not known for their great customer service, I'm afraid. I'm so sorry they are so worried about covering their you know what that they can't answer a simple cleaning question. I use Coach cleaner & conditioner, but maybe others will have more or better ideas.
  3. Best bet would be to treat the bags with a leather protector before they get dirty but now that it already is soiled, it's hard to say what to do. Is it dye transfer from a dark shirt or just dirt. LMB told me that Woolite is a safe cleaner for most bag but I haven't personally tried it.
  4. Agreed about the pretreatment - mostly just because this happened, because I baby them all insanely, carry a plastic grocery bag with me at all times in case it starts sprinking and they have to go undercover, etc. And it was clean one day, and the next time I went to go get it, dirty. Which is why it makes me so (%)& mad that this bag spontaneously started going to hell without me even getting a chance ot mess up and spill on it.

    I really doubt it's dye transfer, as it's completely uniform over all the exposed surfaces of the bag.
  5. HI! I just joined, and I have the Moss Sienna and the same problem as you (the brown patches on exposed areas). I used a leather cleaner and it didn't work, might have made it worse, but i used it on the unexposed areas to even out the color. Just wondering if you figured out how to fix it? I was thinking of getting it professionally cleaned and re-dyed but that's too expensive. It was such a lovely color to begin with! So sad :sad:
  6. This is an interesting phenomena, sounds like your Moss Sienna's are changing color the way some of the Slate Gretchens, Lenas and Merediths have.

    There were two Gretchens listed on eBay recently. One seller called the color Taupe. It was slate gray on the inside leather and that horrible brownish yuck on the rest of the bag. Another seller had a Lena listed which had the Slate color under the belts and inside the folds, but the rest of the bag was awful brownish, she was calling it Bark. It had about 25 bids too. I couldn't believe it.

    Sounds like some of the Koobas can undergo a color change a long time after purchase. That stinks, I always thought the older models were better made than the newer, will have to change my thinking, I guess.