Mosquitoes no more????

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  1. My neighbor's mom is up to date on all these natural things to do for everyday problems. She said to get rid of mosquitoes put yellow Listerene (has to be that color/flavor--the blue won't work) in a spray bottle with water and spray yourself and any area outdoors (ex. Patio area, bushes near the patio) and this repels mosquitoes. It is safe to use and I guess the smell would not be bad either. I am going to try it this week. Just going in the back yard to garden makes me get bit really bad.
  2. I lived in Houston for three years where it's super humid so I got attacked by mosquitos at all hours of the day! :tdown: I hate those oily mosquito repellants...always feel like I need to shower when I get home! I started using citrus sprays (grapefruit, mandarin orange, etc.) and it totally solved the problem. The trick is to make sure you spray it all over yourself and not sparingly. It totally worked and I rarely got mosquito bites after that. I recommend it to everyone!! HTH
  3. Really strange tip but I got it from my mom.. try using sesame oil.

    I heard mosquitoes absolutely loathe the smell.
  4. Avon Skin So Soft bath oil applied all over fresh out of the shower works for me to keep them away. My nana used to put it on us when we were little and going to BBQ's and I use it to this day. HTH!
  5. I am going to try some of these out, I am always eaten alive and any natural way to keep them away sounds good to me.
  6. ^Snopes always comes to the rescue! lol
  7. I get bit up so badly by mosquitos I'll try almost any new remedy I hate having those marks on my legs once the bites have healed
  8. I know that AVON has a line for this and it's not greasy if I remember (the lotion). Citronella candles/scent supposedly keeps them at bay. I get bitten when I go to my bf's grandparents' farm or to his parents' yard.
  9. Oh wow, I'm going to try this! :biggrin: I swear these buggers literally dive bomb me and I still have marks on my lower legs from bites from my outdoor flower potting project on July 4! I have good luck with Off's unscented spray meanwhile...
  10. I use Off family care. It's dry to the touch.
  11. ive always used AVONs skin so soft Bug guard plus. the wipes and aerosol spray. havent had too many complaints on camp outs with it....
  12. god I would take anything- I am a mosquito magnet. I will put on the off deep woods stuff-- and if i forget any spot- ANY spot (im talking middle of my fingers, inside of my ears, eyelids...) they bite me. its awful!!!!!