Mosquito Ring Tone: That Adults Can't Hear

  1. "Some students are downloading a ring tone off the Internet that is too high-pitched to be heard by most adults. With it, high schoolers can receive text message alerts on their cell phones without the teacher knowing."

    I read this article on yahoo and found it interesting. So I wanted to know if would be able to hear it myself. I searched around and found a soundclip for the ringtone.

    This is a link to the article.

    This is a link to a sample of the ringtone.

    Funny how it was originally created for shopkeepers to repel teenagers from loitering in front of their stores:roflmfao:

    Anways, Im 21 (pretty old right :Push: ) haha anyways it would give me a headache if I use it as my ringtone. :lol:

    Can you guys hear it?
  2. i'm 22 and can barely hear it. it's like the noise that comes off electronic equipment sometimes that you THINK you hear, but you're not sure. gives me a headache every time.

    weird. i would never hear that in class though. too much going on.
  3. No wonder I cannot find a mosquito in my house when one gets in accidentally. :blink:
  4. i could hear it. but im 22 so i should hope i still can.. but that would annoy the crap out of me as aring tone
  5. I'm 23.. and this hurts me so much !!

    I'm surprised I can still hear it actually, I always have problems hearing people when they talk.
  6. thats nasty, i can hear it clearly (i'm 17), but i dont hear my ringtones now when they are at a loud setting let alone that!
  7. I am 37 and i couldnt hear it! But I called my 12 years olds in and they hear it clear as day. My one son said it was totally annoying and closed his ears!!!!! That is so freaking bizarre!!!!
    Thanks for the cool article

  8. wow.. i HATE that ringtone!

    i'm 20, i hear all those sine waves, mosquito ring tones, and they nearly burst my ear drums.
  9. I'm 47 and I could hear it!! Didnt' like it either!!

    I cannot image a whole classroom of kids having that go off!!!!!
  10. whats the purpose of it? i put my phone on vibrate at school and i can usually get away with smsing in class, if im realllllllly desperate ill go to the toilet and call someone? there are plenty of ways of getting around it all
  11. I can hear it pretty well, even when my colleagues were listening to it on the headset. It's given me a headache though :sad:
    But then again, I've always had good hearing.
  12. I can hear it, hurts my ears too! I played it for my grandma, she's 80. Didn't hear a thing!
  13. Oh great...I have the ears of an 80 year old!

  14. Oh man, that's not true! Lol. ^^^
  15. I'm 35 and I could hear it, then again I have very sensitive hearing. I can tell when we walk into our house if my husband left the t.v. on somewhere, with the sound muted.

    I'd be pretty angry if I were a teacher and I kept hearing that all day.