Moscow: 10-yr-old commits suicide after parental ban on computer games

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  2. indeed...
  3. That's . . . . sad and pathetic at the same time!
  4. ^ ITA catlin
  5. I have a hard time feeling bad here.
  6. Whoa...these comments are crass and insensitive. A ten year old jumped to his death. The people who joke about it must not be parents. Ten year olds act rashly and impulsively. It is a tragedy that he reacted so violently to what must have seemed to him to be the worst punishment possible. Not funny at all.
  7. Why? Any time a child takes his/her life, it's a sad occasion in my eyes.

    I feel incredibly sad. I'm not far from 10 and from what I can remember, that part of my youth was defined by a serious lack of perspective.

    We also don't know the entire story...his jump could have been caused by the combination of his parent's disappointment and the punishment.

    And maybe his parents are partially to blame. If that child truly felt that he didn't have a life outside of video games, I would first look at the parents. Banning the activity is a fine punishment, but how about getting him involved in other activities (possibly physical) to broaden his interests and build his self- esteem?

    Just my two cents.
  8. I agree. :tdown:
  9. All I have to say is wow....
  10. A small child dies and people don't feel bad -- he and his family "deserved it"? THAT is more disturbing than the story itself.
  11. oh my gosh, that's horrible.
  12. though he probably had lots of other issues to do that, it wasn't about the video game itself.
  13. Honestly, I can't even grasp that a 10 year old would fully understand that jumping out the window would kill him. Young kids do not always understand death, what exactly it means. They understand that someone has "died", but they do not understand being dead, what leads to death, etc.

    I feel really bad for him, and his family.
  14. I'll feel bad for the both of us, both about the little boy AND this post. :rolleyes:
  15. I find this incredibly disturbing.