moschino's homage to the kelly

  1. on page 273 of instyle magazine (sept. issue) there is a bag, a 100% kelly homage by moschino cheap and chic - does anyone have the issue AND a scanner? this is kind of unbelievable. it's a kelly with a locker-size lock on it, just a jumbo enormous thing. when i first saw it i thought i was halucinating or having kou's 4th hermes dream or something and that i really needed a break from tpf, but then i blinked and it was still there (though there are some indications that i might need glasses actually, but that's beside the pt. - someone go get the issue!).
  2. I have that issue and saw it....OMG...:throwup: (hope I don't offend here)...I wish I had a scanner too. It's a weird floppy Kelly-like bag with a HUGE Chloe type lock! How unimaginative to just copy 2 designers like that and merge into one "new" bag...ugh!

    Please - someone scan this!
  3. and the strap is really a shoulder-length - a few inches longer then a true top handle style, but there are feet on the bottom. it's crazy. can't quite tell if it has one handle/strap or 2. it's $905.
    frenchifan, i'm glad you saw it too - though i will probably still make an appt. to see an eye dr. this week or next. :rolleyes:
  4. LOL!

    I came across Birkin-esque bags by Ann Taylor, Ferragamo and Lana Marks in the September 2006 Vogue (US). They either had the lock or the loops in similar Hermes fashion. Interesting, the Ferragamo and Marks were croc versions.
  5. Saw a Calvin Klein homage to the Birkin on eluxury...
  6. it's funny, i really wish more designers would follow hermes example by designing some classic, chic top-handle purses, but i think there is plenty of room for them to come up with new styles, not just versions of hermes. but in the case of this moschino bag, they actually would have been better off if they stuck with more consistent specs (the steroid lock and the longer straps were bad ideas).
  7. Found it!
  8. i'm sorry, am not going to buy it.
  9. Eeewww....:throwup:
  10. I'd rather have a Himalaya rather than that! And it looks made of cheap pleather too.
  11. Yuk-o. Not even if you paid me BIG time. Gross.
  12. Yuck.
  13. They have officially run out of ideas.
  14. it looks ... awkward
  15. FRENCHIFAN you found it! i am so impressed. wow, in that pic it doesn't even look like the flap is real, just a facade, with a birkin-like open top behind it. oh i don't know why i'm even trying to understand it...