Moschino black patent bag. Yay or nay?

  1. What do you girls think of this Moschino bag? I saw Jessica Beil carrying it and it is on sale for $597 at NM. I think the patent will be hot for spring, and i've always liked Moschinos off-beat designs. Besides Jessica, I have not seen anyone on the street carrying it and I couldn't find anything about it in previous threads. do you think this could be a nice, everyday bag, to polish of an outfit and last me through spring? here are some pics...let me know what you think please:smile:
    mosch1.jpg jessica_biel400.jpg
  2. Lovely. I like it in maroon even better.
  3. me too! but the bordeux is sold out :sad:
  4. I love the bag. I love shiny/patent purses.
  5. I like the bag too. I have been contemplating buying it. However, my issue is with the color available (black). I like the bordeux a lot and would have no problem purchasing it, however, the black is a little much for me. I'm scared it's a little too loud for me. Plus, patent leather is very big right now and I'm scared it'll be a fashion don't within a few months. I could be completely wrong though.
  6. I've had a moschino black patent bag for more or less 10 years now, it has kind of little scales on it, I love it and whenever I wear it I always get compliments....get it, you will love it!!!
  7. Not a fan of this particular bag....
  8. hmmm... nay :p
  9. Not fond of patent leather in general.
  10. I love it! Patent leather especially in Black totally rocks!
  11. I dont mind it.
  12. I like it, both the shape and the patent leather! (And it's a good deal.)

    I never thought I liked patent until I bought my Jimmy Choo patent Ramona, and now I love patent. I'm thinking about buying another patent bag...
  13. I really like this bag too. I think that Jessica Simpson and Jessica Alba both have this bag. Simpson has the Bordeaux and Alba has the black. Very cute.
    alba.jpg simpson.jpg
  14. Love Moschino, but not for this model so it's Nay from me :p
  15. Patent leather is a classic that comes and goes...meaning some seasons it's super hot and others it's still around but not in the spotlight.

    That bag is super hot. I have a couple patent leather bags that have lasted for years and I just have to be careful not to get them scuffed and to wipe them off quickly after I've been in the rain.

    If you love it, go for it!