Mosaique or Ipanema

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  1. I'm in a strange last-minute impulsive buying mood right now, and mesmerized easily by pretty colours - anyone own either of these? any thoughts?
  2. I don't own one, but I think the Mosaique looks super cool! It also looks super large LOL, but I bet you can rock it with the right 'tude. :smile:
  3. i agree - i think it folds over with buckles? i'm just thinking with a T shirt and skinny jeans
  4. I received my Mosaique hobo earlier this week, and love it!
    It's much prettier in person than the picture looks. I'm really happy with it.
    Been carrying it for the last 2 days. I'll try to post a picture tonight.
  5. Moogle, I hope you can post your modelling picture. I'm dying to see it IRL!
  6. I covet the Mosaique hobo. So gorgeous!
  7. I like both, but I think the Mosaique is my favourite of the two!
  8. Just saw your post! Will get pictures tomorrow. I won't be modeling, but you'll be able to see both my mosaiques!
  9. Thanks! I look forward to it...and two will be even better!:drinks:
  10. bump! Moogle - where are your pics? Do you like the bag? Dying to know here!
  11. Oh! Thank you. That enables, helps a lot!
  12. Holy crapola it's as big as she is!! :shocked:
    I still love it, maybe even more now - lol!
  13. Let us know if you get it - and please tell me you're a normal sized person - WHY do all the online models of HH bags so frigging tiny??????
  14. Eeek.. that could double as a sleeping bag for a little itty bitty Hottie...