Mors scarf ring? What is it made out of? Other questions too!

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  1. I am thinking of buying the Mors scarf ring, but I am worried about the materials and if it will tarnish and possibly transfer tarnish to my scarves? The website says its silver and palladium plated.
    Does that mean it is silver with a palladium plating or a base metal with a plating?

    Is it okay to leave the scarf on the ring if you wear it in a certain style often? Or should it be taken off every day?

    I plan on using it with both silk and cotton. :smile:

    Thank you guys so much!
  2. I have both the gold and the silver/pal versions and find them amazingly versatile and easy to use but not everyone does. I think it's fine to leave your scarf tied to it to save time, as I would say the mors takes slightly longer to tie than other scarf rings.

    As for what's under the plating, I hope brass for that kind of money :shrugs:.
  3. Hi brae! Oh my goodness, I feel like you are a mind reader of sorts - I had just yesterday been searching on here for the answer to your (and also my) question about tarnishing and leaving a mark! I had thought the Mors ring was entirely palladium-plated (which shouldn't tarnish), but you mentioned that the website states that it is silver and palladium. Sure enough, it does say that. I actually already own one, and was trying to find the answer because sadly, for the second time and with a second scarf, I wore my Mors ring and it *did* leave a dark streak mark on the corner edge. Since the ring did that the first time I wore it new (months ago), I thought maybe I had somehow touched it to something dark or the ring itself had some sort of grease on it (like from the section where the two rings attach into). This time, I wiped it down thoroughly with a microfiber cloth before using it the other day. Unfortunately, it did the exact same thing as the first time. Now I am thinking from how it has behaved that it does in fact have silver in the plating, and that is what has caused the marks on my scarves. :nogood:

    papertiger, it sounds like you have not had this problem with either of your rings. That is great, since they are really cool, and both times I have worn mine, I have gotten lots of compliments.

    So to tag on to what brae is asking, has anyone (besides me) had a problem with the Mors ring marking up your scarves?

    Any thoughts as to putting clear nail polish over it (specifically the two touching rings) so it doesn't do it again? Or could that cause a different problem to the silk?
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    Oh no!! I am so so sorry to hear this and about the marks on your scarves. :sad: :sad:
    I know a lot about jewelry so that is what prompted this question.
    If the base metal is brass I believe that could cause a problem too, but not immediately because of the plating.

    Is there any visible tarnish on your ring?
  5. The ring looks great, perfectly shiny and no visible tarnish. I even wiped it with a couple of different cloths, and no marks came off. I looked for any stamps in the metal, but nothing indicates its composition (the stamps just say "Hermes, Paris," "Made in Italy," and "Bijouterie Fantaisie").

    I was looking again at my two scarves, and the one I just wore has minimal marks in comparison to the first one I wore (which has multiple streaks). I took some photos and tried to upload a couple, but I am not having any luck.

    Maybe when I use the ring for a third time, it won't leave any marks??? (Ugh, terrified to even try!)
  6. ^ :nogood: I never had that problem and I bought them a g e s ago and worn them with anything and everything :shrugs:
  7. +1!
  8. This is good to know! Thank you.
  9. I've never had a problem with my pall Mors either. Maybe try emailing customer services through the website and ask them? If you do find out, please let us know here!
  10. This is causing a bit anxiety as I just bought my Mors ring this month, but haven't used it yet... Would love to hear more thoughts from experienced tPFers!
  11. Hola.jpg

    OK, I finally got my photos uploaded. I have no idea why they posted with one above and one below, but am just glad they are there!

    Anyway, the Hola Flamenca is the one I wore first with my Mors ring, and the one I just wore the other day is Les Faceties de Pegase. I couldn't get the best picture of this second one, and the streak is a bit more obvious IRL. Nonetheless, there is clearly a huge difference from the first to the second scarf, and I did make a point to clean the ring before I used it for the second time. I just thought it wouldn't leave *any* marks then, and hoped that it actually wasn't related to the ring. And then again, maybe mine does have some sort of weirdness on it and it has nothing to do with the metal?

    I am so glad to hear that no one else has had this problem. Kitty S., I am sorry that my comments are making you worry! Maybe mine is an isolated event?

    cvw1004, I thought about this but I am hesitating as I just endured a very long wait to repair a piece of silver that just plain fell off - I am starting to think that Hermes metal and I just aren't a good match! :shrugs: Now H silk and me, that's a different story!:yahoo:

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