Morning VS. Evening Workouts

  1. Because of my schedule I workout really, really early in the morning. I take a 45 min intense cardio class MWF (starts at 630am) and do weights TTH. Before I joined a gym I would workout at night, usually around 6-7pm.

    I notice that working out in the morning seems 10X harder than if I were to do it in the evenings. Like my cardio and overall stamina isn't as strong.

    Does anyone else have this problem or is it normal for the body to be a little more sluggish in the mornings? Can anyone recommend activities or things to do to counter act it?

    Just wondering...:confused1:
  2. Hi!

    I switched from evening to morning workouts over a year ago. Best decision I ever made :nuts: I had been going to the gym after work, getting there around 6 p.m. After finding a parking space, battling the crowds, etc., I wasn't getting out on the floor to work out until almost 6:30 :push: By the time I was finished, it would be close to 8:00! I'd come home, eat something quickly, and have minimal time for vegging and hanging out with the BF before going to bed.

    I finally decided to make the switch after starting to go early on Friday mornings. I eventually started going Monday-Friday, and haven't looked back. I'm usually at the gym by 5:15 a.m. and work out until 6:30 a.m.

    What helps me is having a pre-workout snack, such as a ready made protein shake (EAS Carb Control shakes in chocolate fudge are great!) or a teaspoon of natural peanut butter with a glass of skim milk. The few minutes it takes me to brush teeth, get dressed, eat snack, feed cats and leave the house is usually enough to wake me up.

    Also, if you recently switched to working out in the mornings, it takes a lot of getting used to! I would say it took me a good month or two to get in the habit of getting up when it's still pitch dark outside. But when I come home from work, I don't have to worry about going to the gym. That is definitely a motivator for me! ;)
  3. I love love love working out in the morning because I get it over with. If I have a rough day at the office, I can just come home and be a lazy bum and not have to worry about it because I already worked out. Unfortunately, I get into the office at 7 am these days, which means waking up very very early and having to go to bed I have been sticking with evening workouts lately. :crybaby:
  4. Is there a benefit either way or is it a matter of personal preference?

  5. That's how I feel too. I used to go around 7 or 8ish but now I feel that if I don't go in the morning, I tend to put it off and I won't go at all. With my new schedule, the only time I can make time for the gym is in the morning.

    It's taking me a while to get used to because I'm still yawning when I'm running sometimes. And most of the classes I want to take are in the evenings too! :sad:
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  8. theres no way i'd be able to workout in the morning...i get up for work late enough as it is. soon i'm going to start going during lunch time and still go after work also. try and do weights and strength during lunch hour, then cardio after work.
  9. I go to the gym in the evenings. I also find it really difficult to workout in the morning, I just don't seem to have as much energy. I don't think there is an actual benefit to working out AM versus PM, just as long as you are able to get some activity in during your day!! :yes:
  10. For me it is a lot easier to work out in the evenings than in the morning because of the time I have to get up most mornings (430am!!!). I tend to go between 4-6pm, when I have more energy and when I have more time!!!
  11. Its easier for me to go to the gym every 6pm... I hate waking up early in the morning just to go to the gym, only end up chatting w/ some friends while working out...
  12. For me, morning definitely works better, I have heaps more energy in the morning than late afternoons or evenings.
  13. I loved going to the Gym in the mornings (it was a killer to get up though) - It is harder but i find i have a lot more energy during the day.

    Drinking Protein Shakes or those "breakfast on the go" drinks while driving/travelling to the gym should help
  14. It really just depends on the kind of person you are. There's no way I could work out in the morning. I'm not a morning person. I work out around 9pm and that's what works best for me. The good thing is, you're working out. So hey, whenever you feel you can do it and whatever time feels best, just go with it.
  15. My body does not work before 10. Period. I've always been like that, And I don't htink it will change. I tried to do 8 am workouts for about half a year, but didn't manage to adapt to it, my body was still feeling like train wreck and it was just painful even after 6 months.