Morning "Vertigo"

  1. Lately I've been waking up to a spinning room, like after a night of heavy drinking! It usually goes away after a few minutes, but boy, it's annoying and I feel like if I get out of bed I'll fall right over! lol Maybe my college drinking days are catching up with me?

    Does this happen to anyone else? And how can I prevent this? I'm not a fan of wasting time laying in bed waiting for the room to stop whirling!
  2. Not to sound like I'm scolding, should definitely talk about this to your doctor and neurologist when you go in to get the tests done about fainting. (Which I hope you ARE doing soon!!)

    It's probably just a minor problem that can be fixed -- maybe blood sugar, inner ear, or sinuses? -- but having the spins in the morning, if you are not drinking the night before, is just not normal, so you really should get it checked out:yes:
  3. Thanks for your concern, MandyM! It takes me a month to get an appt. with an intern and a neurologist. By that time I won't have insurance (student insurance ran out, haven't started work yet)! I'm not sure what to do.
  4. I am sure this may be related to your fainting spells. Maybe go to the emergency room and have some tests done? People who go to the ER complaining of syncopal symptoms usually are admitted for a workup. This may be the only way to get checked out before insurance runs out.
  5. Ok Missy, I think it is time for you to go to the doctor again and tell him how you are feeling in the morning! I agree with MandM, you let your doctor and the neurologist know!
  6. Ok, I read what you wrote, why don't you do like Angelica say, go to the ER! Please take care of yourself!
  7. Most alumni associations offer temporary insurance for when you are between school and job. I think you can also get temporary insurance from the major providers. You should definitely get something. It may only cover BIG emergencies, and not help much with all of this testing. But you should never just go around w/o any insurance -- that could be a financial nightmare if you get hurt or something.

    For the time being -- the ER sounds like the way to go. Also, talk to your doc about the insurance situation -- hopefully they will try to help you!
  8. This is only my opinion but insurance or no insurance, you need to get this checked out. You could be pregnant, or have low blood pressure, etc. I was diagnosed last year with Meniere's Disease. It's an inner ear disorder where the room starts spinning and I lose balance. I also would get extremely nauseau and throw up. But that's me. It's important to first start with a diagnosis. Your health is the most important thing you'll ever have. After all, without it, nothing really matters.
  9. IntlSet. You have also had problems with passing out recently too right? Its very important you get seen, immediately if not sooner. An MRI sounds appropriate for your problems. Its quick, easy and is a very accurate test. Please let us know what you find out. Could be nothing but its time to do something about your persistant problems.
  10. I get inner ear problems (read: standing upright is threatening) but that only happens when I have sinus problems.

    Before I knew, it was really freaking me out. I remember it being six in the morning and I'm holding onto my parents' door frame for support, shaking and crying because it was happening again.

    My mom brought me to the hospital where they did that test where they had me lie back and then sit up really fast.

    (And I recently discovered that if I get water in my right ear . . . say, if I'm swimming laps or something then I'll get dizzy again. I bought some waterproof earplugs so that won't happen again.)
  11. Ah, a fellow spinner! Isn't it so much fun to be your own personal amusement park ride!!! :yahoo:

    So, how much Antivert to you take a day? I'm at three 25mg.
  12. My DH has vertigo.. Its a disease that there is no cure for it unfortunately.. we've been to so many doctors in London/France/USA.. but nothing!! When he gets vertigo attack, he hear a loud noise in his 1 ear and he feels the room is spinning like crazy.. then 1 hour later he throws up several time till it goes away..:sad:

    You need to check with a doctor to make sure if u have vertigo or not.. i hope you dont cause it is awful!