Morning Sickness cures...

  1. I was thinking it might be good to have a thread where we can all share what helped us get through that hard time of not being able to keep anything down. I have not yet reached the end of this time yet, but am anxiously awaiting when food will sound good and I can eat a meal and keep it down. So ladies, anything help you through this time? I know everyone is different, but maybe someone's suggestions will help another!

    So far my best friends are...
    lemonade, lemon ice cubes (you can find them at grocery stores or even make your own), toast, soft pretzels, and saltines.
    I've tried the preggie pop drops you can buy at babystores, not sure if they work so much for me? I see the ingredients are basically just sugar... finding toast actually works better, but those can be good for on the go?
  2. lots of very cold lemonade, also making sure I ate at least a cracker every hour.
  3. My OB told me that ginger combats morning sickness. So, gingersnap cookies worked great for me!
  4. I had mild to moderate nausea everyday for the first three months of pregnancy. I was pretty much in bed those three months. lol :roflmfao:
  5. Preggy Pops. Great for morning sickness. You can get them usually at maternity clothing stores such as Motherhood.
  6. Jolly Rancher candy, pickled ginger (the kind in sushi bars), Sprite, chocolate chip cookies.
  7. Half a tablet of Unisom. Be sure not to get the gel capsule. Apparently, they contain different ingredients.
  8. That's what my dr. told me to take. I couldn't find the 12.5 mg as they told me to take, only the 25 mg so I didn't get it.It just clicked to me that half of 25 is 12.5... which means they probably meant to half it. HaHa boy do I feel dumb...
  9. And they are very easy to break in half since they have a little indentation in the middle of the tablet.
  10. I had vile morning (all day) sickness and I tried everything and nothing worked, except (and I found this out by accident) a Big Mac. I don't know why or how but that yucky feeling would disappear within minutes....not exactly packed with nutrition but boy, it worked.:sad:
  11. I've also heard of ginger and also taking your prenatals at night so they don't make you nauseous during the day. I never really had bad morning sickness so never took ginger. The second trick worked like a charm though.
  12. strangling your husband. It worked for me!

    Na, kidding!

    Try waking up to some saltine crackers in the morning and before you get out of bed eat about 5-10. My doctor recommended it for me and it worked like a miracle.
  13. ginger ale is always good for nausea
  14. I had very bad morning sickness and the only thing that worked for me were peppermint sweets.
  15. Yeah, I have morning, noon and night sickness. Crackers are good (I bought salt-free saltines). I also bought some ginger altoids to keep in my purse. I find it's best to eat exactly what I feel like at the time.