Morning radio: Does anyone really want to hear them talk on and on?

  1. I HATE talk radio, especially morning shows. I have XM and I'll never not have satellite radio now. I didn't think I'd really care about it and planned to let the subscription lapse, but I love it.
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    They have merged! You can get best of XM on Sirius and vice versa for an extra $4/month I think.

    I have XM and will NEVER go back to regular radio. I once had to use a loaner and almost died listening to all the commercials. :cursing: I once thought that I didn't need to pay $13 a month but after seeing what it's like without it, I gladly pay it!

    As for morning shows, I listen to Opie and Anthony - love em! Which reminds me, Jim Norton is on Leno tonight! When I started listening to them I could not listen to other morning shows anymore. I also am a big fan of Ron and Fez :tup: They're on XM 202 (and now Sirius 197!). Disclaimer - O&A aren't exactly PC so some folks may not like it!

    Oh, and for those with satellite whose subscriptions are almost up, you can get a better deal when you renew! We got 70% off our current subscription.
  3. I am from NYC and I second z100 morning show. I love it, its so funny and different.. really interesting to listen to especially when you ar estuck in traffic.. it makes your morning commute SO much better.
  4. I used to love morning DJ chitter chatter when I was younger but now, especially on one particular station around here that I kinda like, the guy's voice is SOOO freakin annoying I hardly go there any more.

    My car is a little older and doesn't have an Ipod hookup...for the last few years I've mainly listen to a local dance music station that has no commercials. Love it!!
  5. There is this show that I listen to every morning in my way to work. It is call the "Blues News", they play this very sad music in the background while he tells the most ridiculous "current events" in the world" it only last 5-6 minutes but the whole thing is hilarious. The ones I remember:

    Guy stick his pennis in a bench hole and got stuck for six hours (Japan I think)

    Priest launchs website for "Miss Nun 2008" you can go online and vote, his goal was to end the prototype that all nuns are ugly, WTF. This was in Italy.

    Guy tries to break into a house and his shoe lace gets stuck in the window, he was hanging upside down for several hours before was discovered (USA)

    When the show is over, back to mp3 player :p
  6. I don't really mind it. Luckily the local station here doesn't really have much of a morning show so they just play music. i did listen to hot 99,5's morning show (dc) when I lived in the states...theirs was always fun. I called in a few times, too
  7. It really depends on the mood. Sometimes in the morning I just don't care for what others have to say. That's when I put on my iPod or put in a CD. Other times I really enjoy listening to it!
  8. I usually enjoy them. If I know I'm going to have a crappy day, I'll plug in my iPod, but normally I can deal with talk radio.
  9. I will enjoy morning talk radio from time to time, but sometimes I just want to listen to some music and not commercials. I have sirius, but have not installed it in my car, but DH has xm in his car and I like listening to it. While morning talk shows are talking, I just switch to a cd.

  10. It's a little thing that plugs in the cigarette lighter and you plug the Ipod into it. There is no wired connection in my radio. It wasn't an option. I only have a CD player. I think there might be a way to add something that makes it able to be wired in, but that's going beyond my understanding of these things. All I know is the way I use it now I have to turn it up WAAAY loud and it sounds crappy.
  11. There is one station that has a morning show I enjoy, to a degree. I can't listen for the full show though as they get on my nerves after a while. But generally, I only listen to Sirius satellite radio. I can't handle commercials anymore!
  12. Old thread but I was thinking about it. I have xm and an online subscription specifically so that I can listen to Wake Up with Taylor on Cosmo radio. It's not morning, but I also listen to Cocktails with Patrick!
  13. I generally HATE talk radio. It gives me a major headache. But there is one local morning show that I love. It's two guys who have been best friends since high school and they are hysterical.