Morning radio: Does anyone really want to hear them talk on and on?

  1. I used to commute an hour to school a few years ago and I found ONE station that I actually liked. Then they got rid of the show and it sucks now. So in the morning I just pop in a CD for my morning commute!
  2. yes. especially if its a music station. sometimes I swear the DJ loves hearing their own voice. and its irriating espcially when a song I want to hear is on and he keeps talking over it.

    now, I stick to my ipod.
  3. There's only one station's morning show that I enjoy listening to because they are hysterical. The rest of the stations are just annoying. Once they start talking I flip the station to try and find a song. One station here is especially obnoxious - the guys will make burping and farting noises during some of the songs. How old are you, ten? :rolleyes:
  4. I love listening to the MJ morning show. I know most people don't like his show, but I think its funny and interesting.
  5. i love FUN talk shows (a local fave of my husband (and me) is the sports junkies. they are a group of guys who have been friends for a long time and i think they are hilarious. well, hilarious most of the time. sometimes they are a-holes.
  6. I love the morning radio shows, and actually get mad when they occassionaly throw in a song or two! I just like hearing them talk about things and the show that I listen to, the people are hilarious, so Im cracking up the whole time!
  7. The only morning radio show I ever really liked was Kevin and Bean on KROQ in LA. They were the best show and many of their bit players went on to establish careers of their own. (Adam Corolla, Jimmy Kimmel) I still miss listening to them.
  8. My husband only listens to a talk news/business station and every time I get into the car with him driving I want to put in earplugs. It bores me to death.....
    I do have talk radio shows I like, but it really depends on the subject matter and radio hosts.
  9. Depends on the show. Big cities have good shows. Little cities, not so much. I'm pretty tired of the ones in my area right now. If it seems like they're trying to make conversation instead of just talking I'll switch to something else like NPR or my ipod.

    I download podcasts of two bigger city morning shows (one in Chicago, one in San Diego).
  10. i rarely listen to the radio... i listen to my own mixed cds

    on the other hand, my sister loves listening to radio personalities on our local stations... her favorite is B96, which mostly plays hip hop music.
  11. Actually I love talk radio when it's a good show. Most of them are lousy, but in Boston there is a good morning show and I actually get upset when they go to music.
  12. i guess it depends on the city, and the personalities...

    there is a morning radio station i hate to listen to...they drone on and on about the dumbest things...half of the time they are doing "bits" or stupid phone in polls

    but there is another that is very witty, they make me laugh out loud
  13. i carpool to/from work and i love when the driver listens to NPR. Esp on the way lulls me to sleep. The djs' voices are SO soothing. I just zonk out!
  14. Absolutely not.

    In my work car, I have Sirius. In my personal car, XM. (Can't wait til they merge!!)

    If I need to use the outlet or can't get a signal for the Sirius I'll listen to old cds that bring back college days before I'll use local radio
  15. I actually like the morning radio shows! I run in the morning and for some reason listening to people talk makes my runs fly by...