Morning radio: Does anyone really want to hear them talk on and on?

  1. I used to have Sirius in my old car, but in this one I just have a regular radio. I can usually find something to listen to in the evening, but it seems like in the morning all they have on every station is some annoying morning "personalities" talking and rambling on and on. Today I thought I found a song to listen to, but nooooo, they were just playing a bit of it and talking about the damn song while it was playing.

    Does anyone really enjoy listening to this crap?
  2. I do. I usually listen to regular stations to hear their take on funny or stupid news stories, and then I switch to the 24/7 talk radio to listen to updates on politics.

    If I wanted music in the morning, I'd burn a CD.
  3. I'm addicted to NPR. I listen to it 97% of the time.
  4. All of the local music stations in our area talk about stupid stuff more than they play music. So I ignore those stations entirely.

    We do have an awesome A.M. talk radio sports station that I love and I listen to them every time I'm driving.

    So...I guess to answer your question, no. I don't listen to "dj's" drone on and on instead of playing music. But I do listen to local sports talk radio...but they are supposed to be talking! hehe
  5. I don't mind it. They're pretty funny sometimes and the news is decent. The commercials are awful though. One song, a bit of talking and then a bucket load of commercials. Sale on now! Lose 20lb!
  6. i enjoy it. if you're in nyc, the z morning zoo on z100 is hilarious.
  7. Ugh, go back to Sirius! Morning radio personalities annoy me. I don't mind some talk radio hosts when I'm listening to a talk radio program/station, but the ones on music stations really irritate me.

    I'm more loyal to Sirius 102 (Sirius Stars) than I am to any of my music stations, but I actually am INTERESTED in the things they talk about! I love listening to Candace Bushnell and Judith Regan and Barbara Walters, and, of course Sonya Fitzpatrick (the pet psychic). I listen to them on my way to and from the office.

    My car is wired for XM, but I was so attached to Sirius when I bought this car that I had my Sirius receiver installed on my dashboard and it plays through the radio. It's worth the $100 or whatever for the receiver and $13/month if you're in the car a lot!
  8. My car has XM in it and I couldn't go back to a regular radio now.
    I even listen to it at home using my computer.
  9. I listen to just XM radio. I've had XM since they started and I can't listen to "regular" radio!
  10. I have XM, but my contract expires in Jan and I don't think I will renew.... I simply don't listen to it that often anymore, and they have begun adding commercials and talking on some of the stations, and I don't like listening to either.

    I spend most of the time in my car listening to my iPod. Fortunately, my stereo has an input jack so I have a direct connection. I have several podcasts I listen to, and it's loaded with all of my CDs, so I have lots of listening options.
  11. I heart talk radio!
  12. I guess it makes sense some people would like it since they all seem to do it, but boy, I don't find them entertaining at all. Now, I did used to listen to Howard Stern when he was on in the morning, but that was YEARS ago.

    Maybe I should go back to Sirius. I just felt like I was hearing the same songs over and over when I had it and I didn't feel like wiring my new car for it. I need to burn some CDs I guess or something. I hooked up my Ipod but it sounds crappy.
  13. What did you use to interface? A wired connection is always best. If you don't have an audio jack or an iPod interface, a cassette interface is a good solution. If you don't have a cassette deck, you are stuck with an FM transmitter, which is usually poor if you are in a large city due to lots of powerful radio station signals.
  14. I love morning talk radio! I listened to Mancow's Morning Madhouse every morning when I worked in Peoria, IL. They had the greatest material on that show. But yeah, I've heard a lot of morning shows that are lame and boring--just no personality nor anything interesting to talk about.
  15. I love it.