Morning crying.. is this normal

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  1. Hey ladies- I am hoping to get some advice from you. I don't have any children yet, but we hope to one day. I need some advice on if this is normal or not. I live in a condo and our walls are pretty thin in between apartments. My next door neighbor had a baby last december so she must be about 14 months old. In the past month or two the baby has been waking up around 5:45 to 6:00am which I know is pretty normal. What I can't figure out is why the baby cries for the next hour. Is this normal? I don't want to say anything to my neighbor but it is driving me crazy. I keep telling myself it's a phase and the baby will out grow it but it's killing me. I don't have to get up until 7:30 every day but have been up at 6:00am now for months. I feel like I have a baby myself! I can't understand why they just let the baby cry for an hour. I can understand letting them cry at night so they can put themselves down.
    Their apartment is very small so the baby is in the same room as them. So I know they have to hear her when she cries. Also it is a pretty upscale building and the neighbors are very nice so I have no reason to beleive neglect. Please tell me this is a phase and I will be sleeping through my mornings again soon..

  2. they may just let baby stand/sit in their crib and cry until they [parents] are ready to get baby out...that is the only thing that i can think of honestly. my kiddos always stopped crying once they were taken out their crib and were changed and fed and had toys to play with...

    have you tried using ear plugs? maybe that is what the parents have...
  3. Thanks I was sort of guessing that. I don't really want to say anything to them but I think it's rude. I am super considerate with my TV volume and even yell at my husband if he is talking too loud.
    I have not done the ear plugs yet. I have some a great bose headset that I started using on the weekends but I don't think this is fair.
  4. ^^ it's not fair at all. i have a 9mth old and we have neighbors now and i am afraid that they will hear her cry. though it's usually not for long, but it's always in the afternoon and they are gone for work, luckily.
  5. I think ilovepinkhearts is right. They probably just aren't ready for her to be up. Though if her cry is bothering you, you'd think it would bother them too! DS usually wakes up happy and coos to himself for a few minutes, and I let him do that because he often goes back to sleep for a little while. If he starts to cry, though, I go in and get him. Picking him up stops the crying, and as long as I feed him within the next 5 minutes or so, he stays happy. He does usually cry at naptime because he just doesn't want to take one even though I know he's tired, but I always hold him and rock him and sing to him until it stops (never longer than 10 minutes).

    I don't understand letting babies cry. But I know a lot of moms disagree.

    Some kids are grumpy in the morning, but I don't think crying for an hour is normal... Our nephew always wakes up screaming and crying, but he's fine as soon as he sees his mom or dad or grandmom.
  6. I am really sorry. That would bother me too. It's enough to hear my own daughter cry, let alone someone elses.

    I think that if you do it politely, maybe they will understand where you are coming from. Sometimes you can't help a baby from crying for a number of reasons, but every day at the same time means something is up!
  7. I agree that they're probably trying to train the baby that they don't get up until 7, even if she's up earlier. An hour is a long time to let a baby cry, though, particularly if there's any chance the neighbors could hear it.

    I don't know how you are in terms of being assertive on something like this. I am a giant wuss until I really hit the breaking point, so I would probably try earplugs first. If that doesn't work, I would say something to them. Maybe take them a little gift for the baby at the same time (a lovey or something) and say it's for her in the crib, since she always seems to be so upset in the morning...
  8. I would just ask them whats up. Maybe they don't realize that the crying is bothering you. And hopefully that will motivate them to get their butts out of bed and feed their hungry baby in the morning! Stories like this hurt my heart.
  9. Well the baby must have read my post as she was much better today. She only cried for five minutes. My husband reminded me that when he ran into the neighbor he told us they were expecting their second in March. So I know they are planning on moving soon. I guess it also explains why the mom is letting her cry so much she has to be exhusted as well. Thanks for the feedback. Hopefully this problem will end quickly so I can get some sleep.
  10. :tup:
  11. aw the thought of that baby crying for so long breaks my heart. glad to hear she read your post! ;)

    i'm such a wuss that my baby will soon realize that she has me wrapped around her little finger. as soon as she's about to cry i'm already there to cuddle her and love her.

    probably a huge mistake but i just can't help myself.
  12. That isn't a mistake at all! I never let my kids cry for prolonged periods and they aren't spoiled at all. They are happy, safe and secure. They know I am here for them.

    I'm glad to hear they didn't her cry this morning.