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  1. Ok...normally, for breakfast, I eat a bowl and 1/2 of cereal (bran type with raisins) with a banana sliced up with a whole bowl amount of 1% low-fat milk. I am usually starving in the morning, so I eat pretty fast, probably making me eat more than I need, but I dont have that much time to eat slowly.

    I was thinking, do you all think making a fruit smoothie would be healthier, calorie-wise, and body-wise? I would of course make it myself, with frozen fruit, milk (maybe..), or orange juice, and should I add protein powder/whey/flaxseed oil to make it healthier/more beneficial?

    So, cereal or shake with protein power?

    What do you all think?
  2. Your cereal is good, but you probably should incorporate some protein as well. Protein is digested more slowly and you will feel fuller longer. Maybe cut back on the amount of the cereal and have a few egg whites with it. One of my favorite breakfasts is low fat cottage cheese with fresh berries or pinapple.
  3. Your cereal breakfast does already seem really healthy. A shake sounds like it could end up with too much sugar in it, otherwise that sounds like a fine alternative to cereal.
  4. I think if you're really hungry, the smoothie would not be as satiating as the cereal is to you. I've read studies that showed that the same amount of calories in liquid vs solid state don't give you that same full feeling.

    I know individual people are different but for me it's definitely true, I can't for instance eat soup as a meal and feel full.

    Stick with the cereal/banana/milk, sounds like a great breakfast. If you're trying to cut calories do a 1/2 banana instead of a whole one, skim milk instead of 1%.
  5. My doc scolded me when I told her all I ate in the morning was a bowl of cereal with skim and here I thought "Hey, at least I'm making an effort to eat in the morning!"

    To echo the other posts, she told me I should have protein at every meal to keep my blood sugar stabilized, and if I'm not hungry, I should AT LEAST have a protein shake.... bc I never remember to eat at work either.

    I thought she was full of it, but I gave it a go... "Shake for breakfast, shake for lunch, and then a healthy dinner" LOL... And then I was sooo surprised when my moods evened out (less irritable) and my level of stress dropped a notch.

    Read the labels on the shakes you choose, many of them are loaded with sugar and carbs and unnecessary calories... my doc wanted me on the Atkins shakes bc they are higher protein, but I didn't like the way they tasted. I wound up going with the Advant Edge low carb protein shakes. (I get em at Walmart) I like the strawberry ones... pour them over ice & I'm good to go.
  6. Your breakfast sounds really healthy, but I do agree with the others that suggested some protein. You don't need tons, maybe a little peanut butter or some egg whites, whole hard-boiled egg or a few pieces of walnuts, pecans or some other unsalted nuts.

    You're definitely on the right track, though.
  7. You could try eating some high-protein cereal with fruit, I find this works really well for me in the mornings. I need to have some type of protein in the morning otherwise I'm starving 2 hours later. Trader Joe's sells great cereal like GoLean and GoLean Crunch. They're not sweet and you can't eat bowl after bowl of them, but they're good, esp with fruit.
  8. Are those the Kashi cereals? I always get them, if we're talking about the same thing and they are delicious!