Morning! Anyone awake-ish for a Kate Spade Reveal?

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  1. *passes the coffee and danish*
  2. Always!
  3. Hooray!

    So, I decided to give Kate Spade another try, after my last craptastic experience, and decided to brave the sales staff there, with my Big Girl Pants on, and head held high.

    Of course, who waited on me? The sales rep I complained to Corporate about. BUT she was friendly, professional, and did a great job. So maybe my complaint did the trick. After all, her awesomeness yesterday can only help her commissions!

    Soooo, there it was. the Rose Club Melisse. Like some sexy little barbie purse from the early 60s. The leather is like BUTTER...




  4. con't...



  5. I'm certainly awake here. It's 2.11 pm! Lovely bag!
  6. Congrats on such a lovely new bag:flowers: I love the polka dots and hot pink interior, such a cutie!!
  7. Aw, thanks, ladies! She;s surprisingly roomy for suck a slender silhouette, too!
  8. This bag is absolutely stunning! Congratulations and enjoy (and I'm glad your experience this time was better than the last)!
  9. Cute bag!
  10. Love it! Enjoy!
  11. love it too