Morning After vs Morning After Mini -weight ?s and pics

  1. I'm debating between the MA and the MAM. Does anyone have comparison pictures of the two? And can someone compare the size of either one to a Balenciaga Bag. Like the First, City, Work. Most of my bags are Bals so it would be easier for me to picture if I had a reference point.

  2. i tried to copy and paste pictures from the rebecca minkoff website but they would not copy. if you go to and click on "girls" and then hit "hayden pantierre" and click the arrows on the right hand side of the photo you can see the regular and the mini, there are photos of her with both. i have a regular sized and i love it!!! good luck deciding :smile:
  3. Thank you so much lwatson! I think I'll go for the regular size. Hayden is just so tiny, I think it will look more proportional on me =)
  4. I too have been baffled by the difference in size between the two. Especially after reading other bloggers saying there isn't much difference. Well, there is. The thing is, some leathers make the bags seem bigger than others, because some slouch and smoosh more than others. Here are pics of an Eggplant mini next to a Berry regular morning after.
    compare1.jpg compare2.jpg compare3.jpg
  5. ^oooh, purty!
  6. I got the MAM in blue, and while I love it I think I am regretting not getting the full size. It's just too small for me since I am used to larger bags. I've only ever used it once for an afternoon so I think I am going to sell it and get the full size in another color instead.
  7. I so LOVE that eggplant mini!!!! They're hard to find! I wish I had one....:sad:
  8. For those who have both the reg. size and mini, or have tried both on, what is the difference in the handles? Are the handles on the reg. size longer? One thing that annoys me about the mini is I feel it's a little too close to my armpit. I just like bags to hang a tad lower. Would getting the reg. size make it hang a bit lower?
  9. The handle size, width and drop are the same on the morning after and mini. So to answer your question, no the regular size won't hang lower.
  10. Revolve Clothing still has them on their site - and you can get 25% off with code HAPPYHOLIDAYS


    Velvet Maven and use code Grechen20 for 20% off. I can't vouch for this site since I've never ordered from them, but they list the bag at $500, so with 20% off it would only be $400, cheaper than Revolve's with the 25% off.
  11. Hey Guys! Need an opinion.....would you get an Eggplant mini MA??????


    A mini Nikki hobo in purple?????

    2 totally different styles I know.....I'm partial to hobos, but I could use a nice satchel.
  12. Okay, so I am trying to decide between a MAM in Eggplant or a Botkier Bianca Medium in Cherry. Any input would be great. I already have a MAM in blue and a Botkier Sasha in chocolate. I love both brands and think they both make such high quality bags.
    I can get either one for about $400, so price is equal.... I'm just so torn. Help!
  13. The nikki, hands down. That purple is tdf! I so wish I could pull off purple - it would be mine. My daughter saw me looking at it and said "I don't really see you in purple, Mom", so that was the end of that.
    I had a regular sized eggplant MAB and I returned it. I also have a blue MAM and the leather is amazing. The eggplant leather is stiffer, I think it may have a glaze, and the color just didn't do it for me. It's almost a wine color (maybe not Rebecca's wine - but it reminded me of a glass of cabernet). hth

  14. Looked at the mini Nikki in hobo last night and almost passed out....IT'S GORGEOUS and I love the shape and the pop of color! The shoulder strap looks SO cool too!
    Would luv it! IF I didn't have a purple bag - I would be ALL OVER IT!
    Go for it!!! You know, the mini MA in eggplant is nice cannot go wrong!
  15. Well, the mini Nikki in purple is SOLD OUT.

    Looks like I missed it....although I don't know how.

    Oh well......I'm really disappointed. I need a drink.