Morning after Regrets

  1. OK so am I the only one who sat uncomfortably through Sunday telling myself to stay home, don't spend any money even though it's the last day of the PCE? And now that Monday has rolled around Im upset with myself and now think of about 4 things I would like to get.. BUT it gets worse:sad: I went to the store and got a new wristlet, a pony scarf, and the purse sprayat full price. I know, Im a moron, just wanted to vent.
  2. Oh, you silly girl. It's ok though. I'm sure we've all done things like that before.
  3. it's okay though, did you ask to see if they would make a one day late exception??
  4. Had I not been out of town visiting the in Law's yesterday I would have been right back at Coach!!! I have been contemplating the Katelyn's and the purse spray...(my bottle is just too big to throw in my bag!!) Sadly instead I purchased a pair of those stupid CROCS yesterday, which I have been dead set against since they came out...They are super comfy, but soooo ugly!!! No I keep asking myself why!! I could have spent that money on a lovely purse spray!!! Now I'm stuck with a pair of Tiffany Blue (which is my favorite color) CROCS!!! :cursing: Oh, the agony of being an impulse shopper!!! I feel your pain!
  5. I know, I know...I went through the same thing and didn't buy anything else. Part of me feels like I missed out and part feels glad I did. If you got stuff you really wanted, enjoy it!
  6. Sigh! I understand darlin...i think what happens is that those brains cells are snapping so fast we just cant happens, dont beat yourself up...Just remember you are in the system and WILL be getting another PCE, real soon...and you will be armed with your catalog and wishlist! no worries and no regrets
  7. Yeah, I asked for the discount even thought It was a day late,,, wait, I kind of begged and made up a lame story, didn't work:p
  8. by the way,, when is the next PCE?
  9. I kinda felt the same way....I wanted to go back and get the camel ergo tote sooooooo bad, but resisted temptation. Macy's has it, and I'm thinking of taking some stuff back and getting it....ironically the things I'm thinking of taking back equal $328, the cost of the tote.
  10. Even though you are in the system, that does NOT guarantee a PCE card!
    I have spent over 2 grand since January of THIS year at Coach and did NOT get a PCE invite in March OR June!

    Some good PCE pals sent me theirs when they were done with them.
  11. In the fall...September-ish.
  12. I know that, even so, if i have to I will buy one for $5 off of eBay, Im just wondering when the next one is.
  13. Ahh, thanks, thats soon:smile:
  14. I too struggled with not purchasing one last item and came ***this*** close to ordering today but decided against it. I'm going to stay strong and use the bags I have for now. I have another small debt to pay off first so I'm going to focus on it. Maybe if I'm good and I get a PCE card for the next event, I'll allow myself one bag then but I'm going to stay positive and not have 'morning after regrets'!
  15. Sounds like them come uh..90days-ish between PCE; however I am by no means an EXPERT!:borg: