Morning After (Night with Gold Crackle) arrived...I'm seriously disappointed

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  1. I'm not disappointed with RM. I think her bags are wonderful. And, I'd love to have every style in every color. However, I am not having good luck with my first RM purchase. I anxiously awaited the arrival of my bag. You know how excited we get waiting (stalking the UPS guy?)

    I was thrilled when my new bag arrived. But, as soon as I began to inspect the the bag, I found that it is damaged on the bottom! It has some slight scratches in the bottom which I could live with. But, one corner looks like it has been ripped. I'm so sad. Why would a dept store send out a damaged bag? Now, I've got to call and get a refund. I seriously doubt that they can find another one for me.

    I got a great deal at $400 with the promo. However, in this condition, I wouldn't pay $10 for it. Surely, it's not too much to expect a "perfect" bag from a department store. I feel let down. Now, I have the hassle of the return (and no RM bag!!!)

    I truly feel that RM delivers great quality bags. I doubt that it came off the line looking like this. This bag must've had an accident somewhere along the way. If only the bag could talk.

    Thanks for listening to my rantings.
  2. Can you post pics?
  3. PerfectShoe also had a problem with this bag. RM bags are wonderful so I would send it back for an exchange or another style.
  4. Did you buy it from Bloomingdales? i ordered mine from there, and of the gals told me that there was a bag she saw out on the display that had a very small tear on the bottom lining or something. i was hoping i didn't get sent that bag! Anyhow, i'm sorry you got send a damaged bag. however i hope you got to see how great RM's bags are, and get another one ;)
  5. maybe they will send you another one if you call them sorry that you have to go thruogh this
  6. Christony, I know EXACTLY how you feel. I ordered a Midnight Nikki from LB back in the end of February. I seriously stalked the UPS guy awaiting its arrival. I was sooooo excited when I received it to only find a damage on the bag. Upset was not the word. The bag was FABULOUS but had to go back. It was sold out so I had to wait for the next delivery on 3/31. I received the new one but the leather was different....a whole different issue so I won't even go there. Anyhoo, mine was from Luna Boston and the ladies were absolutely lovely and great customer service. Good luck on your exchange or return.
  7. Oh, no! It's so disappointing when something you wanted so badly shows up damaged. :sad: I hope you guys end up getting RM bags you love. Keep at it; they're definitely worth the trouble!
  8. I'm so sorry! I know how excited I am whenever I wait for a bag to come in the mail, I can't imagine it showing up damaged! GL I hope you get a immaculate one! I still can't believe that bloomies would send out a damaged bag!
  9. mine came from Bloomies and had a lot of scratches also!
  10. aww hopefully you can exchange it. I'm dying for one of these bags!
  11. It definitely shouldn't look like that. I have had mine for awhile now and there are no scratches or indentations. I would try to get a new one or return. It would bug me too, paying that much $$ for a brand new bag means it should be perfect!
  12. I bought my night/crackle at Bloomies. It came wrapped in plastic. The leather on mine seems to be smooshier and more wrinkled than other people are reporting. It collapses into a heap, and has some creasing on the back.. but since the leather is like that all over, I thought that's just how it comes.. Anyway. No scratches and only a slight indentation on the gold bottom where my arm rests. I've had it for about 2 weeks now, I think?
  13. I got my night/gold crackle from Bloomies, and it has come in perfect condition from what i've seen. Like NANA said it is a bit more wrinkly textured, but thats how leather is, and i'm sure a tad bit of conditioner can take care of that :yes:
  14. I don't think the wrinkled leather bothers me much. I know you said you were going to condition yours Desi. Do you mind shooting me a PM and letting me know if it has any result on the leather (other than making it more conditioned, hehe)? I appreciate it! Mine does have an issue that I think bothers me a bit, but I'm not sure if it bothers me enough to want to exchange. One panel of leather, like I said, has significant creasing. I'd say maybe 5 or 6 very long creases. I don't notice it that much unless I'm staring at it.... I think it's natural, but at the same time, I wish it had less creasing to start... Still such a gorgeous bag.

    Also, I got to talk to someone at RM a few days ago, and she said that they had experienced a bit of 'flaking' from the gold bottoms, but that the leather will should never look like it has gaping holes of missing foil in it (well never say NEVER)... Anyway, I don't know if that bit of info would be helpful to someone.
  15. ^^^^wow good to know thanks