Morning After Mini

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  1. I'm late to the Rebecca Minkoff bandwagon and kicking myself for not having noticed the Morning After Mini until now:crybaby: So do they still make it in dark gray? I checked the RM web store and it's not there. Does anyone know where I can find one?
  2. ^Hello and welcome! The Dark Gray is a gorgeous color but unfortunately is really hard to find in the mini size. However, there is a regular size in the Dark Gray on Ebay! HTH!
  3. Thanks, Gung. I saw that listing a couple days ago. There's a small scratch on the front pocket and I'm not sure if it would bother me. But the fact that it's a rare find makes me want to bid. Sigh...I'm so indecisive.
  4. ^Do you care if it is used or not? I can't buy a used bag for some reason. It's almost taboo for me.

    I think the bag listed on there was only used once though.
  5. If it's a good deal, then I don't care if it's used. And I'm okay if it has scratches, but it has to be in a place that's not noticeable like the bottom or underneath a pocket flap.
  6. Emily Grace has a morning after mini listed in dark grey...
  7. Darn! I missed it. It's gone.
  8. Hmmm maybe there was something wrong with their website - there were a bunch of bags listed for a few minutes and now only the two Kiss and Makeups are left again!
  9. I don't see that one :confused1:
  10. Yeah, those bags go fast. It's hard for me 'cuz I'm not an impulsive shopper so by the time I want it, it's gone.
  11. I think that the only thing "wrong" with site is that we just bought everything. A few minutes ago, someone posted a 30% off code for EG. Et voila!!! Magic! Everything disappears :upsidedown: I grabbed a beautiful blue Treesje Asher satchel that I've been stalking and now the entire Treesje designer section is gone! In under 2 minutes.
  12. Oooooh, you got the Treesje? That one was beautiful, I love their blue color! I actually posted the EG code and then saw the dark grey MAM and bought it myself - seemed too good to be true, plus with the 30% off. It didn't look like the last one though, because it was still up after I ordered. There were a few different colors of matinees at that point as well, plus the MAM in tangerine...

    Now have to just wait and see if it ships!
  13. Ha! Fair enough. I put both bags in my cart - the Treejse and the gray MAM - but the MAM was gone by the time I got finished typing. So since you posted the code, I'm glad it was you who snagged the MAM!
  14. If you decide you don't like the MAM, can I have dibs on it? :yes:
  15. Yes! :yes: